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    Harvesting the Rain and Building Community Resilience

    Tuesday, December 10th;4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
    Where Windsor High School, Room L102
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    Water is an essential part of life and is necessary for beings big and small to thrive. Come learn simple ways to work with the rain to help ensure that there is plenty of water on your landscape for you, your family, and all of the creatures that call your neighborhood home. Creating water rich landscapes is an important part of personal and ecological resilience and is a piece of the puzzle to mitigating climate change.

    Join Daily Acts and the Town of Windsor for a presentation about the many ways that you can utilize the amazing source of distilled water that is flowing off of your roof to support the environment, your garden, and your family. We will look at calculating your storage potential, along with options for storing above ground in tanks and in ground through swales and rain gardens. We will also look at how incorporating rainwater storage into your landscape can be both functional and a feature.

    The good news is that when it comes to water we have a storage issue and not a shortage issue. Only one inch of rain falling on a typical 1500-square-foot roof will generate approximately 1,000 gallons of runoff, which can easily be captured and stored. For example, the average annual rainfall in Windsor is 36 inches, meaning 36,000 gallons of water will flow off of that same roof. Imagine how things would change if that water was slowed down, used to recharge groundwater and creeks, and stored to supplement summer watering and build resilience to a possible disaster. We hope you will come out to learn how to make this vision a reality and build toward your own climate resilience.

    Following the presentation we will have Q & A opportunities, and hope to visit the Windsor High School Garden space to envision how rain catchment can be incorporated.

    Where: Windsor High School, Room L102 (Hadley-Hill)

    When: Tuesday, December 10th 4pm - 5:30pm
    Cost: Free, thanks to the Town of Windsor!
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