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    Stylish Records LLC

    Sonoma County's first indie Record Label with A&R scout from Majorlabelscout


    Hello, as of January 2012 a brand new record label was established in Santa Rosa,Ca. Stylish Records LLC. excepts numerous genres of music for review.

    Those genres include Pop, Rock, Country, Urban, Soul, and Hip Hop at this time.For more info or submission instructions please email us at [email protected]. You can like our facebook page at

    Our Background:

    Janury 2012 Stylish Records LLC was established by Wesley Loyd with a goal to bring hope,dreams and motivation to our teens and young adults. Wesley a.k.a. Stylish is a record producer,solo artist, and A&R scout for who works closely with Atlantic records to seek out new talent.

    In 2007 Stylish won American Idol Underground which was sponsored by American Idol including a $10,000 cash prize and other promotional tools and prizes. Wesley(Stylish) has worked with numerous Major Label artist and producer during his career in the industry.
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