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Riki Ott
Corporate Crime Reporter

With regard to your article;

Will the Government Let BP Reduce
Its Fines and Penalties for Deepwater?

By Riki Ott MD
Marine toxicologist and Exxon Valdez survivor Posted: March 21, 2011 03:17 PM
Huffingtom POst

Appeasement and strategies for your "situation":

Presented as simple dots 2 connect, by subject:

Know thy enemies:

Ken Feinberg

Obama appointed Cover Up Guru

Ken Feinberg 4 the BP Gulf Oil Disaster



Money trail of Who is Who in the toxic
chemical war of your health



President Eisenhower Farewell Address --
Military Industrial Complex

A Short Youtube video of

You might not understand how President
Eisenhower's Farewell Address
fits into
your "situation" with the Gulf Coast.

So I will explain it this way;

Senator Frank Lautenberg introduced the
Safe Chemicals Act and in a video of a public
on February 4, 2010 the Senator
explains that Lisa Jackson
of the Environmental
Protection Agency also
advocates for this
because "the EPA can not
protect us with
one arm tied behind it's back".

The video of the hearing that was made
prior to the Gulf Oil Disaster and before
the use of Corexit is posted at:


End excerpt from my R&D reference material blog posting
though there are other strategy notes and reference material at

It is my belief the the "Military Industrial Complex" "
tied the arms of the EPA behing their backs"

Supportive evidence for my belief:

Some excerpts from "Toxic Revelations" (copy / paste)

A Congressional Report states that of the 1,400 chemicals known to cause cancer, less than 6% are tracked (145B). The huge transnational companies that produce toxic chemicals found in pesticides, herbicides and industrial and household products profit not only from the sale of these products, but also from the symptoms and chronic illnesses that they can trigger (157).
Bill Moyers of the Public Broadcasting System did a show named Trade Secrets and has created a web page of the same name (26). There is to much documentation there to list, in regard to "industry" covering up the damage to OUR HEALTH from toxic chemicals, for over fifty years.
The simple facts are that chemical companies developed chemical and biological weapons for our country. Back in World War One and Two, they made things like nerve gas. At some point, the watered down the nerve gas and started calling them "pesticides". This report (157) documents that the chemical companies and the pharmaceutical companies are really controlled by the same people.
Now that is a business plan, called "Poison for Profit" (157). Even more disturbing is what is termed "the revolving door" from these companies and their executives into many of the high ranking administration offices of our government, in Washington DC. From the National Institute of Health to the Food and Drug Administration and beyond.
"The revolving door" is easily shown with an Internet www.google.com search term, "revolving door washington DC drugs chemical companies".
It is well documented in the book "Toxic Deception (81, ) that they have known this since the 1970's. In the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories (IBT) performed about 35-40% of all U.S. Toxicology testing. Of the 867 audits of IBT performed by the FDA under the 1962 law, 618 were found to be invalid because of numerous discrepancies between the study conduct and data. FDA flexed its muscles and found four IBT managers guilty of fraud." Yet the EPA has still been accepting these "studies" that are financed by industry, with out any real review !!! https://www.westgard.com/guest16.htm
Test fraud again made headlines in 1994, when Craven Laboratories was fined over 15 million dollars and its ... Fifty Years of Legislation, by CAROLINE COX (132).

157: Poison For Profit

By Ashley Simmons Hotz May 15, 2002

End of excerpts from "Toxic Revelations" (copy / paste)

Since "Poison For Profit" has been censored and even removed from the
Archives Wayback Machine, I have uploaded a pdf version of the report
at my Reference Material page as, Poison_for_Profit.pdf 26k -

A number of other advocates have also been re-posting the entire
"Poison For Profit" web page and it can be found with a Google
search of the title of the report and the authors name (157)

Since NAMI has been getting it's roots watered by
the large pharmaceutical companies, the leading mental
health advocacy group is Mindfreedom International,
with Davcid Oaks and Drug Awareness with Ann Blake
Tracy Ph.D.

With reference to NAMI, please see the

Mother Jones Magazine issue
Nov-Dec 1999 article
"An influential mental health nonprofit (NAMI) finds it's
grassroots watered by pharmaceutical million$"


Typical strategies "they" deploy in
these situations:

Besides hiring
Ken Feinberg

A must read article 4 U >

Crime Without Conviction: The Rise of Deferred and Non Prosecution Agreements
By Russell Mokhiber Editor of Corporate Crime Reporter December 28, 2005

W.R. Grace andrew schneider investigates

May 21, 2009 ... Asbestos destroys lives, and the tragedy
at Libby has shown that it can .
corporate wrong-doing,W.R. Grace Andrew Schneider


Offense can be the best defense

But I do urge you to review defensive information besides
the offensive one, given below.


Go to the "Want To Know page" and type these
search terms into their search )Top right)
nsa spying on americans

Carnivore was a system implemented by the
Federal Bureau of Investigation that was designed
to monitor email and electronic communications
implemented in October 1997 and replaced in
2005 with improved commercial software such
as NarusInsight.[2]
More at:

In depth notes and resources for defense is at:
The Art of Whistleblowing

How to expose corporate and government corruption
while avoiding death threats against your career and life.


The above defensive information can also be
deployed offensively.


Some of this (and more) is also presented at
and my blog of January 30, 2011 titled
Toxic Gulf Food and Gulf Residents Bleeding from Ears -
Eyewitness news video BP Gulf Oil 'Spill':
(Numerous specific Twitter postings pasted in as reference dots 2 connect)

General Overview of strategy:

Unite other factions (such as the
residents of Libby)

under a single common cause umbrella

American Roulettehttps://alturl.com/289pq

A viable course of action to attempt and create legislation
for mandatory Negligent Homicide charges against
C.E.O.'s fir the "Reckless Operation of a Corporation" .
This could right many of the wrongs in our world
and dramatically contribute to "stopping the corporate
madness" of the "Military Industrial Complex"

American Roulette - Red Collar Crime
Revolvers are for Russians. We use products, services
BP Oil rigs and what ever else, to play a deadly game
of corporate profits.

Criminal charges can hit bottom line
For corporations, a criminal conviction may mean small fines,
but larger consequences for business
Copied from The News Journal Staff reporters 06/28/2003
Archived copy at


Unfortunately with my wounded brain, I failed in stressing
the "American Roulette" aspect when I was a guest on the

Coast To Coast show. 9-18-2010
Toxic Effects - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
posted at

My bad. "American Roulette" centers around attempting to
develop legislation for mandatory criminal charges against
C.E.O.'s for "Negligent Homicide" with the "Reckless
Operation of a Corporation" that would set a cascading set of
events into motion that would result in fixing many of the
things wrong in our world today.

Including the "Military Industrial Complex"

If you are unaware of what I am ranting about::

Eisenhower Farewell Address -- Military Industrial Complex
Short Youtube video of

The Coast To Coast Show
"Military Contractors / Belief Systems"
is now posted at:
One of the main topics was the "Military Industrial Complex"
The show is broadcast to over 500 cities in the USA
with 15,000,000+ Listeners

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Riki Ott March 21, 2011 at 3:17pm

Gretna, LA -- As the one-year memorial of British Petroleum's tragic deepwater well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico approaches, federal investigators are gathering evidence to support criminal...

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Tom Krohmer
Environmental Technologist Nephew of Jack Krohmer, deceased expert
regarding the effects of radiation on humans.
[FONT=tahoma, 'Trebuchet MS', lucida, helvetica, sans-serif]No known relationship to Jon Krohmer MD
Chief Medical Officer of Homeland Security

The Toxic Reverend
- Revelations
Less than 6% of 1,400 chemicals that threaten human health are tracked
A 5-2-2000 Congressional Report is linked into blog of 1-23-10
"As an Environmental Technologist I can not imagine a health care
system that could be viable when it ignores toxic chemical exposures
" - TK
Doctors Without Morals,
Medical professionals, national security and domestic torture
by Leonard Rubenstein & Stephen Xenakis
March 1, 2010 by The New York Times