Hello! Hope youre healthy and safe during all of this! I was recommended here from an AirBNB host in your area.

My girlfriend is a traveling nurse who has been going from hospital to hospital during the pandemic helping where she can (Im a consultant who works from home). Her next assignment is in Santa Rosa at the Kaiser. We have a small very behaved hypoallergenic dog who is ESA certified and need a place from August 15th through Nov 15th. Though we could do starting Sept if needed.

Unfortunately due to Covid, housing seems to be super super limited as most people have stopped renting to live in the former AirBNB long term. Our budget was $1800 a month so I though Id at least ask if thats even possible to continue the convo. Wed be extremely respectful (even more so clean) and hopefully be an added income if needed. We'd like to avoid sharing housing if possible since she will be coming from a hospital and wouldn't want to add risk (though we have a system where we are safe and so is the place when she is home)

Again, I appreciate your time and hopefully you understand the circumstances. Here for any questions and hopefully we will talk soon!