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    Saturday Night Live for Global Peace Tribe

    Saturday, June 6th;7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
    Saturday, June 13th;7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
    Saturday, June 20th;7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
    Saturday, June 27th;7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
    Where Online
    Cost FREE
    Event Website Event Facebook Page Add to Google Calendar
    Join us every Saturday Night during these extraordinary times from 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM PDT for:
    Saturday Night Live for the Global Peace Tribe
    Featuring: Music, Wisdom, Prayer, Meditation, Comedy, and Community Connection.

    >>> Register for June 6 HERE <<<
    The same zoom link will be used each week (new people must register).
    Click here to watch the replay of May 30th - Co-Creating the New Normal in the New Paradigm with Deepak Chopra
    See all other replays of the last 6 shows below.

    PLEASE SHARE THIS INVITE with your friends and loved ones!

    On June 6th our theme will be "How We Act Locally While Thinking Globally". Through this theme, we will acknowledge the balance of Global Awareness with Local Action. We recognize that our presenters and audience include many visionaries who are simultaneously aware of the world’s problems and positive solutions. At the same time, we can sometimes feel powerless to the immense challenges of the world, as negative media attention adds to a sense of futility. We want to acknowledge the power of local service to community. Even seemingly small acts of kindness & compassion are valuable and do make a difference, both for the Giver and the Receiver.

    Luminaries: Marianne Williamson, Andrew Harvey, Lynne Twist, Teresa Collins, Satyen & Suzanne Raja, Jonathan Robinson, Scott Catamas

    Special video clip about the current national crisis: Van Jones

    Musicians: Tina Malia, Blane Lyon, Fantuzzi, Sister Stone, Daniel Bellone

    Comedian - Ventriloquist: Terry Fator, winner of "America's Got Talent"

    Wisdom Jewels: Jay Mayer, Celestine Star, Myeka Brown, Mikayla Lev
    Hosted by:Scott Catamas (Love Coach Academy), Debra Giusti (Debra Recommends/Harmony Connects/Transformation Paradigm), and Ken Kaufman (New Living Expo).
    Sponsored by: Light Touch - Jay Mayer
    Broadcast Partner: Awake TV -

    GoFundMe supports: valuable organizations helping our community (see below) and future broadcasts of Saturday Night Live for the Global Peace Tribe.

    Saturday Night Live for the Global Peace Tribe has been the mecca of conscious, heart-centered, transformational community to gather online from across the globe for nourishing and soul-inspiring talks, music, and connection during this unprecedented time. Featuring world-class luminaries, brilliant musicians, and light-hearted comedians, Saturday Night Live for the Global Peace Tribe brings both warmth and wisdom during so much uncertainty.

    This "Special Edition" will include video clips of noteworthy moments from past shows!

    We invite you to sing and dance at home, and groove to an eclectic mix of styles, always heart-centered and soul-driven. Come join us for moments of visionary inspiration, deep truth, reflection, and prayer/meditation, all addressing this unique time that our collective humanity is going through right now.

    "Community Connections" after the main show ends! We invite deep connection and creative participation from the community after 9:30 PM when we invite you to come onto the gallery on Zoom and share. You can speak your truth & heart, transmit a prayer or poem, or inspire us to laugh. To join us, please message Scott on the chat box in Zoom after 9:30 PM that you would like to join. We will continue the "Community Connections" until everyone who wants to share has been able to do so or until it feels complete.

    See who's joining on Facebook - Click Here
    Please join our Facebook group to stay in touch with our growing community - Click Here
    We are producing this broadcast for you by aligning with the principles of the "Gifting Economy", which the majority of our community is familiar with if you have ever been to Burning Man or participated in other alternative economic models. Our intention is to gift you this amazing broadcast every Saturday night during the lockdown and we request that you gift some "green energy" back to the broadcast at whatever level your heart desires.

    We will in turn gift funds to an organization that is vital in helping people in our community that has been dramatically challenged due to the coronavirus. We will also use a portion of the funds for production expenses, which will allow us to continue to produce the broadcast going forward throughout the lockdown.

    This week two individuals that will be the recipient of funds are artists:
    #1) Blane Lyon - Cancer Recovery Fund

    As most of you probably already know, for over 3 years now I have been battling to heal a stage 4 cancerous tumor that has taken over my vocal cords. After 3.5 years of a huge list of daily treatments, I have to admit that the tumor has only grown. In order to prevent the further spread of this disease, I have finally submitted to my many doctor's repeated requests that I do a massive surgery to remove my entire voice box and larynx. I have been resisting this route but now I must acknowledge that this is the best chance to remove the cancer and for me to survive.
    Any donations really help my family and me to afford and navigate this intense time. I also found out that I need to move. So it’s a big-time of change and healing for me and I feel I’m walking a bit of a tightrope. I believe that I am here for a reason and have great work to do in this beautiful world. I believe there is a way for me to come through this challenge a better and more complete person than I was before.

    My goal in this next year is to become the clearest, cleanest, and best person that I have ever been. I want to have the support to continue to completely purify my body and mind. I want to focus on health, joyfulness, creativity, and family. I want to focus on the future that I want to see in this world and work towards that daily. By donating you are helping to save my life. You are helping to make sure that I am here and can continue to raise my 5-year-old son and continue to create art and share it with the world. Thank you so much.

    Learn More:

    #2) Mariela de la Paz - Journey To Overcome Stage 3 Aggressive Inoperable Breast Cancer
    Beloved Community, this is a very special request for you to join us in raising the necessary funds to help our sister, Mariela de la Paz, in her journey to overcome Stage 3 - Aggressive - Inoperable-Breast Cancer. For those of you who know Mariela, you then know the vibrant light and tremendous beauty she shares with the world through her art, gifts of healing, and heart of service.

    After discovering a lump in her breast, Mariela’s life was shaken up and turned around. With a strong will to live she committed herself to a rigorous healing protocol intended to restore her body to optimal health. Because insurance does not cover holistic treatments, Mariela has had to come up with the funding to pay for doctors, supplements, herbs, organic foods, IV vitamin infusions, and other natural and holistic therapies.

    The money we are raising will pay for holistic therapies and treatments, herbs, supplements, healthy food, living expenses, and insurance co-pays such as the deductibles of hundreds of dollars for the extensive testing she underwent in order to receive an accurate diagnosis. The cost of healing cancer is expensive, yet together we can become a lifeline that lifts the stress and worry from Mariela and allows her to focus on restoring her health. Thank you for your contribution.

    Learn More:

    >>> Please give generously to GoFundMe! Click HERE <<<
    or just go to the GoFundMe website and search "Global Peace Tribe".
    This event is being co-hosted on Zoom by Debra Giusti, Scott Catamas, and Ken Kaufman of New Living Expo. with support from The Love Coach Academy (LCA), Debra Recommends, Harmony Connects, and Transformation into the New Paradigm.

    Contact us if you feel inspired to participate, if you would like to be featured in a 2 minute "Wisdom Jewel", or if you know of favorite musicians, speakers, and leaders that you would like us to feature. Let us know of any worthy organizations helping our community now that would be a good recipient of our funds. Contact: [email protected]
    >>> Register for the show HERE <<<
    Please join us each week - Same zoom link each week, but new attendees must register (PDT)
    >>> Missed the live event? Check out the REPLAYS below! <<<

    Follow Our Social Channels!
    Saturday Night Live the Global Peace Tribe Facebook Group
    Global Peace Tribe YouTube Channel
    Global Peace Tribe Trailer Teaser

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