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    No New Gas Stations! It's a PROTEST and you are INVITED!

    Monday, February 24th;7:30 am - 9:00 am
    Where 43 Middle Rincon Road, Santa Rosa
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    Hello Waccos,

    Let's show some solidarity with our friends east of the 101!

    The Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations is holding a protest this coming Monday, February 24, 7:30am to 9am, in opposition to a proposed new gas station at 43 Middle Rincon Road (corner of Hwy 12 and Middle Rincon Rd) in Santa Rosa. Please join us!

    • This is a protest in opposition to the planned construction of a new gas station at this location where there is currently a 7-Eleven. The 7-Eleven franchise owner is the project applicant. There is already an operating Chevron gas station immediately across the street, and more than ten other gas stations are within a five-mile radius of the project site.
    • This gas station would add to the harmful cumulative impact on an elementary school, Whited Elementary, which is less than 1,000 feet from the proposed gas station site, counter to EPA recommendations.
    • A family and a small business are being evicted in order to build the gas station
    We will have a large banner that says "No New Gas Stations!" We will bring a few signs and we encourage you to make your own signs and bring them with you to the protest. Here are some ideas:

    • "Climate Emergency = No New Gas Stations!"
    • "Stop pouring fuel on the fire!"
    • "Our house is on FIRE! Stop pouring fuel on the FIRE!"
    • "Gas Stations only make the Problem Worse"
    • "911 7-11 PLEASE NO GAS STATION!!!"
    • "Gasoline is toxic to children, flowers, and other living things"
    • "Imagine a world with NO GASOLINE!"
    • "Fossil Fuels Threaten Our Future"
    Get creative! Come up with your own!

    It is helpful if you can let us know if you are coming. RSVP to 707-238-2298 or email [email protected]

    Also feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Hope to see you at the protest!
    Please share this invitation in your networks!


    PS, if you need coffee, there is a 7-Eleven right there, but remember to bring your re-usable travel mug!
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