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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

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    Palm Drive Board Votes Unanimously to Dissolve the District!

    Last night, in front of an overflow crowd demanding dissolution, the Palm Drive board of directors voted unanimously to dissolve the District! The Board directed its legal counsel to prepare a resolution with a target date for dissolution of June 30, 2020. Once the Board adopts the resolution, which is planned for the March Board meeting, it will be forwarded to LAFCO, the agency overseeing local special districts, for its approval.

    You can read more in the Sonoma West Times & News here and the Press Democrat here.

    The "co-conspirators" in our petition drive--Gayle Bergmann, Alan Murakami and myself--want to thank everyone who circulated petitions, worked at sign-up tables, and promoted our cause. Thanks to all of you, we collected over 1200 signatures in just three weeks, about half of the total needed to send to LAFCO. We plan to continue collecting signatures until the District actually adopts its resolution and submits it to LAFCO. At that point, our work will be done--all of our taxes will be used only to pay off old debt, and no new debt will be added, ever.
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