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    The Science of Human Transformation

    Sunday, January 26th;5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    Where Russian House 1, HW1 9960 Jenner
    Event Website Add to Google Calendar
    January 26th @ 5 pm: On our weekly Sunday Intellectual club Russian house #1 welcomes Kirill Kireyev, PhD, with his talk about The Science of Human Transformation

    – What does transformation mean?
    – Why is transformation important for us and our society?
    – What are markers, milestones or qualities of transformation?
    – What are factors help influence transformation?
    – Who are good role models?
    – How can technology and AI play a role in helping people transform?

    In this talk and discussion we will explore these questions, combining insights from different spiritual tradition and scientific fields with our own life wisdom and felt experience.

    Kirill Kireyev, PhD is a computer/cognitive scientist, Integral nerd, meditator, facilitator. He is a founder of WisdomBot, and AI technology project focused on accelerating and scaling transformation.

    more info:

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