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    Garden Share Sebastopol


    My name is Melinda and I am an avid gardener and purchased a sweet, fertile piece of land a few years ago in Sebastopol, off Watertrough Road, about 3 miles from town. I have been slowly creating new little habitats and raised beds (I have gophers!) and now have a decent sized organic garden with some amazing established plants and flowers and fruit trees.

    This coming spring and summer, I will be traveling a lot and would love to Co-Garden or Garden Share with someone that doesn't have the land but is wanting to tend a plot and reap the rewards of the garden and its bounty. We have tons of space and can grow just about anything... I am willing to put in a ton of labor and buy seeds and soil and compost... but need some help with regular tending/watering/love as I am in and out a lot.

    If you were motivated you could probably grow enough to sell and make some money at the markets...

    If you are interested, please send me a line and let me know what you are thinking...

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