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    Sara S
    Auntie Wacco

    Palm Drive hospital reopens as Sonoma West Medical Center

    from today's Press Democrat:

    by Paul Payne:

    The former Palm Drive Hospital in Sebastopol will open to patients Friday after a months long delay, the facility’s operators said.

    Doors are expected to open at 10 a.m. at the renamed Sonoma West Medical Center.

    The 50,000 square-foot facility on Petaluma Avenue was closed in April 2014 for financial reasons. Supporters launched a drive to renovate and reopen it, relying mostly on private donations.
    Operators planned to open its doors in May but were delayed by deficiencies identified by state Department of Public Health officials.

    An agency spokesman said the hospital’s operating license was activated Thursday afternoon.
    Sonoma West Medical Center has 25 beds, new emergency and operating rooms and a staff of 180 employees.

    “This is a great day and we’re all celebrating here,” said Jane Rogan, the hospital’s director of communications. “All these professionals have been working very long hours to get to this point.”
    You can reach Staff Writer Paul Payne at 568-5312 or [email protected].
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