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    Anyone up for carpooling to San Francisco to demonstrate to stop the TPP fast-track ploy?

    I would love to help stop the fast track to a global economic depression; I'd need to share gas cost with at least one other.

    We’ve stopped Fast Track legislation before and we can do so again. It's time to take to the streets!
    Derailing Fast Track is the single most important thing we can do to prevent corporate trade agreements that threaten to:

    • Destroy livelihoods and accelerate the global race to the bottom in wages and working conditions
    • Further commodify agriculture, trample food sovereignty, hurt small farmers and contribute to forced migration
    • Enable new attacks on democratically-enacted environmental and consumer protections
    • Undermine global economic stability by prohibiting effective regulation of financial markets
    • Reduce access to life-saving generic medications, increase health-care costs and constrain innovation on the Internet
    • If you haven't yet this week, please email Congress now. Then check out the list of events below to get involved in Saturday’s National Day of Action against Fast Track. There are over 50 rallies, block walks, educational events and other actions planned throughout the country — some this Saturday, some later, others as early as today. Please attend one, and bring some friends, to make sure our voices are heard.
    Many thanks,
    Arthur Stamoulis, Executive Director
    Twitter: @citizenstrade

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