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    Welcome to the Health & Wellness category!

    Welcome to the Health & Wellness category!

    This category is for all health and wellness related topics.

    Members are invited to post requests for advice for health issues and/or referrals for help and others are welcome to respond publicly or privately.

    This category is also for other health related topics and discussions, regarding both traditional medicine and alternative/complementary healing techniques.

    Commercial use of this category

    In order to refer your professional services in a public post, you must be a commercial member or have a current Business Directory listing, and it will be counted as a commercial post (Standard listings include 1 commercial post/month and Premium listings include 2 per month. Additional commercial posting membership are available.). Initiating a thread related to your profession will be considered a commercial post as well.

    This category should not be used as a general offering of your services (please use the Business Directory for that), but rather targeted to a specific health concern and provide additional information about the health concern. This category intended for information and discussion rather than advertising, even though you may include an offer to your service if you meet the conditions above.

    Business Directory listings start at just $75 for a year. Click here for more info.

    Note that if you have a Business Directory listing and donít explicitly market your services in your post, it will not count as a commercial post but the automatic link to your listing will still appear at the bottom of your post.

    This is a good opportunity to demonstrate and share your expertise with your community.

    If you post a commercial post and your commercial membership subsequently lapses, your commercial posts to this category may be removed.
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