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    Re: Project Proposal - Downtown Sebastopol Hotel

    The way i see it is between the housing shortage which is being fueled by (don't hate me for the TRUTH) several things one is mostly unbridled population growth & B&B types of rentals & the horrendous wine INDUSTRY & now Weed too...sorry i am NOT against Weed per se however it is SO intense that TOO many are buying FOOD Lands to grow Marijuana and THE horrid part of THAT is that TOO MANY of those People are UNETHICAL and ALSO "practice" NON SUSTAINABLE NON ORGANIC "high YIELD" crops bringing many "gangster type mentality" (i.e Water abuse , pesticides, robberies , murder etc)...into our Communities ...ALL of this is DIRECTLY because of OUR inability to WAKE THE HELL UP AND SEE what OUR LACK of FORESIGHT has and IS costing us.

    Socio ECONOMICS is THE reason TOO MANY will murder , steal & participate in NON Ethical behavior in order to SURVIVE ...this idea of a "hotel" is not PARTICULARLY bad ( i can think of WAY worse things such as a "genetic company" or "pesticide company" etc there or something else even more vile) ...however i am VEHEMENTLY AGAINST WHERE THEY WANT TO PUT IT !!!!

    When the TRUTH be told We have a TERRIBLE "town square" that i call the "the Town PARKING LOT FREEWAY" & "The Farmers Market PARKING LOT FREEWAY" on Sundays IS DANGEROUS for OUR CHILDREN IS surrounded by a FREEWAY! It is shocking that Sebastopol that prides itself on being more Healthful does NOT have a NICE Town Square or can come up with a viable solution ...LIKE "PUT THE HOTEL IN THE PARKING LOT FREEWAY" and put OUR Town Square in the empty lot (the hotel wants) it MAKES SENSE to do this because the Barlow is dying EVERY Winter those business's suffer. If We put the Town Square THERE instead of "the parking lot freeway" the Barlow would increase REVENUES & OUR Children would be safer as WELL as OUR Animal Friends ..EVERY Sunday i find myself watching ALL the Children to make sure they do not fall into or run into the FREEWAY or Dogs or and Elderly Person is also VERY stressful be dealing with ALL the pollution that being surrounded by a parking lot & a FREEWAY causes ...We get "use" to it however WHY should We have to ..when the MORE LOGICAL common sense would be to put the hotel in THE PARKING LOT!! And move the Town Square to the Barlow side thus making our Park safer in EVERY way and BRING MORE BUSINESS TO THE BARLOW!!!

    ALL business's there NEED to get on board with this ..DUH! Also as i stated at the beginning of my "comment" this SO called "government" of the People (a outright LIE!!) is AGAIN trying to put THE BURDEN of taxation on the "Working Class" AGAIN!!!! Giving the wealthy 1% MORE BREAKS !!! This NON sense MUST STOP because in the END NO one will be "better off" UNLESS the !% do what i ( i Pray i am WRONG) i predict which is "ONCE THEIR PERVERTED "tech NO LOGIC" is perfected there will be a pandemic like NO one has ever seen ...the Earth can recover quickly ONCE more than HALF the population disappears.(and the uber "rich" KNOW THIS)..just sayn LOOK DEEP LOOK at the REAL History ...of OUR World and WEEP because the definition of "INSANITY" is described as "making the SAME mistakes OVER & OVER yet...expecting a different outcome"....look at Ancient Rome...TRUTH always comes out....THINK Sincerely e.m.c
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    Re: Project Proposal - Downtown Sebastopol Hotel

    Some people are clearly “out to lunch”
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