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This is your Daily Digest for Monday, October 22, 2018 for all your subscribed categories and threads.
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WaccoBB General Community WaccoBB
Barry's Picks Huge industrial cannabis proposal near Graton tommy
Barry's Picks Keep Sebastopol's Progressive City Council in place laho
Barry's Picks Judges, how to get info for ballot O.W.
 Voting info source Cascade
 PD: Sebastopol residents get to vote on two tax measures in November MikeH
WaccoBB Events, Classes and Meetings WaccoBB
Barry's Picks Music: Barry's Pick: Royal Jelly Jive with Midtown Social at the Mystic Barry
Barry's PicksFeatured Community: Raise the Roof! West County Housing Fair & Expo Sebastopol Outreach
 Class: Yoga for Trauma Relief at YogaOne, Santa Rosa on 10/23 & 10/31 at 3:45pm Hannah Mira
 Class: Master Gardeners: Straw Bale Gardening EmeraldMatra
Barry's Picks Workshop: How to be a Hero in Todays World: A workshop for men who want to rise Debra Giusti
WaccoBB Services/Referrals Wanted WaccoBB
 Need power pole installed Mediajammer
 good crab or combo party boat out of Bodega Bay or nearby? Kevind
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 Free: sheets of safety glass -  free Kevind
 ForSale: Hinterburg Quilting Machine for sale -  150.00 hokulee
WaccoBB Housing/Offices WaccoBB
 Wanted: Seeking peaceful happy home for me and my daughters -  1750-2100 GratefulLiv
WaccoBB National & International Politics WaccoBB
 Best in Political Humor - October 2018 Barry
 Billionaire-Funded Fascism Is Rising in America Karl Frederick
WaccoBB Poetry and Prose WaccoBB
 Poem for the day from Larry Robinson Larry Robinson
WaccoBB WaccoBB General Community
Barry's Picks
Re: Huge industrial cannabis proposal near Graton
From: O.W.     
Posted: October 21, 2018, 12:31 pm
I was just notified that the Saturday Graton meeting was called off as neighbors opposed don't appreciate what the out of town applicants are doing. On top of that the county has just said that our trail system is not part of the park system setting up conflict with neighbors for many years to come. What were they thinking? Where does that funding come from to keep the trails in shape? Parks are for recreation as are the trails used by many people for either health benefits, getting out in nature or transportation by bicycle.

Should the supervisors allow this Permit Sonoma ruling, they need to be voted out. If you saw the chart from Bay Area ordinances you will see Sonoma County has given this industry a green light for industrial sized projects. We're not against this, just keep it out of our neighborhoods. Sensible regulations please!

People fought the wine industry for spraying toxic pesticides next to schools for years. Finally the state (not our county) made better set backs mandatory but our children are still number 3 in statewide childhood cancers. The supervisors are not thinking this through just seeing money signs. Please write them a letter and tell them this is NOT acceptable.

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Re: Huge industrial cannabis proposal near Graton
From: ChefJayTay     
Posted: October 21, 2018, 5:17 pm
Quote O.W. wrote: View Post
Including trails in restrictions is an idiotic idea.
If you restrict businesses from being near trails, it means none of these businesses can be near railroads.
You just wiped out most of the industrial zones you're trying to force them into.
Re: Huge industrial cannabis proposal near Graton
From: tommy  Supporting member  
Posted: October 22, 2018, 7:47 am
The trail is in a residential neighborhood. All zoning protections, such as limiting industrial uses, need to apply to the west of the trail... where this pot farm is proposed... as apply to the east side of the trail, where people live. This pot farm is a vastly different use than a vineyard. It has 30 parking places, high security fencing, security issues, lighting, water tanks... that a vineyard would not have.

Quote ChefJayTay wrote: View Post
Including trails in restrictions is an idiotic idea. ...

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Barry's Picks
Re: Keep Sebastopol's Progressive City Council in place
From: Rustie     
Posted: October 21, 2018, 2:15 pm
I'm sorry Robert but I wholeheartedly disagree with you and others who are of the opinion that our three incumbents have adequately served in the best interests of the majority of our community. The last thing, in my opinion, that these three have done, especially Sarah Gurney, is to move Sebastopol toward and into the modern era while increasing the quality of life for as many as is possible. What I see is that they are busy increasing the quality of life for the privileged old guard elites in this area. It appears they have chosen to push forward with plans to turn Sebastopol into a high end tourist town. Sebastopol is definitely in need of a strong economic base. However, if your goal is to maintain your town's history of family connection and community, generate a strong local movement and be a leader in sustainable living, tourism is not the answer. Thanks to our 3 incumbents we are well on our way to following in the footsteps of Healdsburg. Talk with some of those locals, they no longer live in their town, they can't afford it. Get some direct feedback about how the tourist industry actually played out for them. High end hotels and restaurants, wine tour buses and bikes, more shops selling non-essential trinkets and blessing stones, that's where we're headed. How does any of this address our affordable housing crisis, congested streets, no viable public transit, no parking and no decent employment opportunities other than minimum wage service industry jobs?

Efforts to fast track a tourist industry are the antithesis of implementing sound environmental policy, enhancing our local economy, or increasing the quality of life for our local residents.

There is nothing environmentally wise about tourism. It is a fossil-fuel based industry with a tendency toward excessive waste of resources. There is no economic enhancement from tourism that will trickle down to the working class locals. Property values will go through the roof and rents will continue to rise as we lose more long term housing to short term vacation rentals. Minimum wage job opportunities will be abundant. Unfortunately, few of those jobs will be held by locals, as local working class people can not afford to live in Sebastopol earning only minimum wage. Finally, quality of life for locals, anywhere is rarely, if ever, improved by becoming a full swing tourist stop.

Who is this paradigm most negatively impacting? Our kids who are now young adults struggling to stay in their home town and raise their families here, where they themselves were born and raised. That dream is moving farther out of sight for our upcoming generation of locals. I see our old guard city council pushing a bill of goods that is primarily focused on self-interest rather than our community's best interests.

And for clarity sake, old guard is not used as in 'too old to serve' . The phrase is in reference to the demographic that they predominantly represent and in some instances it also refers to their multiple terms as council members.

Who on our city council is a representative for the interests of our young adults and their new families? What I see is a council that has become top heavy representing a very specific age and economic demographic. They are not adequately representing and addressing the needs and desires of our entire, multifaceted community. Our old guard city council members, specifically the three incumbents coming up for re-election, appear to have an eye toward enabling unprecedented rising property values and developing a posh town for wealthy elites to retire.

I am in complete agreement with the perspective that it's time for some new, young blood on our council. Fresh ideas that will include the consideration of our now adult children with families of their own trying desperately to stay, to raise their kids, to build a future and develop a strong local community that will sustain for many years and future generations rather than selling off to the highest bidder.

Vaughn represents that demographic and I believe that we are long overdue for the inclusion of that representation. I don't personally know Vaughn but I've listened to him talk and have read his literature. He appears to be honest and kind with a high standard of ethics. He's intelligent, a family man, a sixth generation Sebastopolian and his stated goals and dreams for our town address local economy, affordable housing, roads & parking and environment. Having been born and raised here, as a 6th generation resident, he has a family history of 120 years, give or take. I know people with that kind of connection to this town, it's an invaluable perspective that can't be bought or earned by age and experience. My bet is that Vaughn is just as passionate to preserve our natural beauty, maintain our local community, and move forward into the modern era of economic and environmental sustainability as any of our current council members. Yes, he is young and new. Vaughn has openly acknowledged that and has publicly stated that he looks forward to the opportunity to be seated on our council and to work with and learn from our current council members.

What kind of a community are we if we are wound so tight and too afraid to make room for change? Remember he is just one of five seats sitting on our council. Re-electing all three of our incumbents serves only to keep us locked in to the same “old guard majority” for another 4 years. As I see it we have nothing to lose and potentially so much to gain by electing Vaughn to one of those seats.

Quote Robert Jacob wrote: View Post
...I am writing you today to urge that you cast your local votes for the incumbent candidates for Sebastopol City Council, Sarah Gurney, Una Glass, and Patrick Slayter. These three have been moving Sebastopol into the modern era of implementing environmental policies, enhancing our local economy, and increasing the quality of life for as many as is possible. They understand that these goals are interdependent, not mutually exclusive....

Gratitude expressed by 2 members:

Barry's Picks
Re: Keep Sebastopol's Progressive City Council in place
From: John Eder  Form Seb City Council Member  
Posted: October 21, 2018, 8:03 pm
I do not share Robert’s views. I will not be voting for any of the incumbents- a seat on the City Council is not a lifetime appointment. Time for a new face and fresh ideas. Time to bring forth tomorrow’s leaders today.
Re: Keep Sebastopol's Progressive City Council in place
From: MikeH      Posted: October 21, 2018, 10:35 pm
The Barlow seems an unfortunate development. I worked there a bit when It was under construction, foundations going in, grading being done, and drain pipes being installed. After it's done I go back to look at it, because I did not know what sort of stores were going in there. It gives me the creeps; i want to stay away. Just the names alone are enough to weird me out.


Sounds very yuppie and touristy to me.

Vaughn is 6th generation local? Wow that's rare. I am only 3rd generation Sonoma County. But it was 1923 my grandparents came, with my 6 year old father in tow, so that was almost a century ago. We have about 40 years per generation. So I know what Sebastopol was like in the 1960's. We went to Sebastopol hardware often. And to "Don's" for lunch. Where was that?
Re: Keep Sebastopol's Progressive City Council in place
From: laho     
Posted: October 22, 2018, 12:19 am
Don's Restaurant was next to Don's Bar which were both on the south-west side of Main Street; on the first block the main 116/12 intersection (Bodega and Main to us oldtimers). Not sure what's there now; I think a new restaurant.

Vaughn's great-grandmother (Laurie Horn) just passed away a few days ago. She lived to a grand old age of 100. She helped her dad, William Carr, move houses around town using a team of horses. Things have really changed!

Quote MikeH wrote: View Post
...So I know what Sebastopol was like in the 1960's. We went to Sebastopol hardware often. And to "Don's" for lunch. Where was that?

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Judges, how to get info for ballot
From: O.W.     
Posted: October 21, 2018, 1:36 pm
[ WARNING! The site below is a very biased site - do not trust this post! See following post! ~ Barry ]

Judges, we see how important they are to our country. A website has rated the judges on your ballot by alot of criteria. Criteria includes positions, contributions, rulings, statements, experience, reputation, integrity, American Bar Association rating. I make no endorsement. The website statement is pretty straight forward. No religion in government, strict adherence to written law. Alot of the judges that the GOP is approving now in Washington are NOT recommended by the America Bar Association due to total lack of experience. This guide is recommended by Bill Moyers, NYT and many others.....

These are the questions asked to determine ratings and if judge is activist judge like Gorsuch or Kavanaugh.
What is your name and what office are you running for?\

What well known U.S. or California Supreme Court judge (living or dead) do you most admire?\

How could the judicial system be improved?\

Do you consider yourself a strict constructionist or judicial activist?\

What do you believe is the basis for law?

In New Mexico, the State Supreme Court ruled against Elane Photography, siding in favor of upholding the civil rights of a gay couple over the religious convictions of the business owners. How do you view religious liberty issues/civil rights?\

Do you agree or disagree with the Court of Appeals for the Second Appellate District’s initial ruling several years ago against homeschooling in California. Why or why not?\

Do you believe the Constitution is a living document?
Barry's Picks
Re: Judges, how to get info for ballot
From: Barry  Founder & Moderator  
Posted: October 21, 2018, 3:33 pm
Quote O.W. wrote: View Post
[ WARNING! The site below is a very biased site - do not trust this post! See following post! ~ Barry ]

Judges, we see how important they are to our country. A website has rated the judges on your ballot by alot of criteria. Criteria includes positions, contributions, rulings, statements, experience, reputation, integrity, American Bar Association rating. I make no endorsement. ...

The above site is produced by Craig Huey as stated on the site's home page. He is a TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN and the site is very biased! See more info here

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Re: Judges, how to get info for ballot
From: O.W.     
Posted: October 21, 2018, 3:41 pm
Thank you barry!!!!

Quote barry wrote: View Post
the above site is produced by craig huey as stated on the site's home page. he is a tea party republican and the site is very biased! see more info here

Gratitude expressed by:

Re: Voting info source
From: Cascade  Supporting Member  
Posted: October 21, 2018, 4:46 pm
Thank you! This is really useful. It provides an easy way to compare candidates

Quote wisewomn wrote: View Post
Voting info

KQED has a service where you can put in your address/zip code and they will show you the candidates you can vote for, complete with the 3 most important things to each of them, who has endorsed them, who has contributed to their campaign, and more. (This is not an invitation to express anger over various candidates.)Here is the link:

his info is only for California.

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PD: Sebastopol residents get to vote on two tax measures in November
From: Barry  Founder & Moderator  
Posted: October 21, 2018, 8:43 pm
I support both these measures!

Sebastopol residents get to vote on two tax measures in November

THEPRESS DEMOCRAT | October 18, 2018, 4:35PM

Sebastopol city officials say they’re planning for financial security and future liabilities in submitting two tax measures for voter approval on Nov. 6.

One, Measure Q, would extend indefinitely an existing half-cent sales tax.

The other, Measure R, would raise the transient occupancy tax paid by hotel guests and other overnight visitors from 10 percent to 12 percent. Both require approval by a simple majority of voters to go into effect.

Combined, the two measures would account for about $2 million a year in mostly continued revenue for Sebastopol’s general fund, through which the city pays for “essential services” like police and fire protection, roads, public infrastructure, recreational programs and city staff.

With a general fund of about $8.8 million this fiscal year, revenue collected through the two taxes makes up a significant chunk of what’s needed to run the city, while setting aside emergency reserves exhausted during the recession a decade ago, officials said.

“We are a teeny, tiny city — $8.8 million general fund budget,” Councilwoman Una Glass said. “That’s not that much money.”

Moreover, while the city counts about 7,500 people among its residents, Sebastopol is a hub for tens of thousands of others in the west county who shop and work there or simply travel through on a daily basis, contributing to wear and tear on roads and greater demand for police and other services, Glass and fellow council members said.

That same dynamic means much of the tax would be paid by the estimated 50,000 people who do business in Sebastopol.

“There’s not a lot — at least that I’ve heard — a lot of controversy over it,” Mayor Patrick Slayter said. “I think the residents realize the council has been responsible and prudent with the funds.”

There are, however, ...

Continues here
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Sebastopol does not have that many hotels and the TOT boost would not raise that much.

The increased transient occupancy tax would raise an additional $100,000 a year or so for Sebastopol.

But I would be more concerned about what exactly this part means:

means it’s unlikely there ever will be a time the city doesn’t need the special sales tax in place, particularly with a looming pension liability estimated at more than $12 million, Mayor Patrick Slayter said.

That cannot be an unfunded liability, I don't think. Or maybe it is and will need to be paid off over a number of years. I would like clarification. I know CalPERS has not been collecting enough, and is now requiring cities that participate to cough up more in the way of pension contributions, to make up for the deficit. This will apply to Sebastopol. Meaning more money given to CalPERS to make up the deficit, and less money for ongoing operations, like paying salaries for fire and police personnel.

IMO Santa Rosa is in deep trouble as far as pensions. Their fire and police are an even bigger percentage of the municipal budget. And the extra they need to send to CalPERS is a bigger problem. According to this, they are putting up an extra $11 million per year, just to go to CalPERS and their deficit.

The city of Santa Rosa paid $11 million in unfunded liability costs last year but is expected to pay $41 million in 2023. From another perspective, the UAL cost is expected to climb from 7.6 percent of the city’s current general fund to 26 percent by 2023. This means the city will need to find $30 million in additional annual revenues over the next six years to cover its UAL cost.

Similar costs will be incurred for the smaller cities of Sebastopol, Cloverdale and Sonoma which, based on CalPERS figures, are expected to see their unfunded liability costs triple from a combined total of $1.4 million last year to $4.5 million in 2023.
WaccoBB WaccoBB Events, Classes and Meetings
Recently Posted Events
Barry's Picks
Music: Barry's Pick: Royal Jelly Jive with Midtown Social at the Mystic
From: Barry  Founder & Moderator  
Posted: October 21, 2018, 7:53 pm

Friday, October 26th; 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Where Mystic Theatre 23 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, CA 94952
Cost $20 in advance / $22 day of show
Event Website Event Facebook Page
Add to Google Calendar Add to my calendar

Royal Jelly Jive is one of my favorite bands these days. I've seen the 2 or 3 times (they were the highlight of this year's Guitarfish festival for our crew!). Great musicianship, great singing (and I generally don't care for singers), and great fun to dance to!

The opening act is another favorite band, Midtown Social, who was also great at Guitarfish. Soul is generally not my flavor, but again their musicianship and sweet energy won me over!

Plus they are at the great Mystic Theater in Petaluma for a very reasonable $20/22 and starting a delightfully early time of 8:30. It's a Barry's Pick!

Royal Jelly Jive:
Few bands have the ability to evoke an old-school throwback vibe and yet sound entirely fresh and new at the same time. Royal Jelly is one of those bands. Combining elements of Soul, Rock, Swing and Hip-Hop, Royal Jelly shakes up any dance-party and grooves harder than your typical rock n' roll band dares to go. Fronted by the enigmatic singer Lauren Bjelde, who brings a one-of-a-kind sultry voice to her magnetic stage presence, Royal Jelly leans on the sounds of swingin' horns, gritty keys and a bumpin' rhythm section to carry a crowd into bliss... creating an unforgettable live experience that will leave you wanting more.

Midtown Social: Midtown Social is redefining the California Soul sound with a no-fail good-time sweet spot you crave. Blending soul, funk and rock, this 9 piece ensemble draws on the arrangements by such family bands as Tower of Power, Sly and the Family Stone and Chicago, while provided provocative vocals influenced by Bill Withers, Tina Turner and En Vogue. With an eclectic community of musicians and styles, Midtown Social never fails to bring a high energy, live music dance party wherever it goes.
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Barry's Picks

Sunday, November 4th; 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Where Sebastopol Community Cultural Center
Cost Free
Event Website Event Facebook Page
Add to Google Calendar Add to my calendar

Sponsored by the City of Sebastopol and County of Sonoma

Sebastopol and West Sonoma County residents will be able to learn about ways that they can generate income while helping the community with its housing needs.

Discover existing and new housing policies that facilitate the creation of small dwelling units – Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs) -- and ‘home-sharing’.

Supervisor Lynda Hopkins, Mayor Patrick Slayter and Councilmember Una Glass will moderate panel discussions at 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm with housing creation and permitting experts. Attendees will be able to meet one-on-one with the people who can help make it all happen. Free childcare and light refreshments will be provided.

Free of Charge
Open to all residents of the greater Sebastopol area

Learn about existing and new housing policies that make it easier to create:
* Accessory Dwelling (“Granny”) Units, or ADUs
* Junior Accessory Dwelling Units, or JADUs
Meet planners and public and private service providers
Find out about home-sharing through the SHARE Sebastopol program
Connect with affordable housing resources and services

Free childcare and light refreshments will be provided

1:30 PM: Doors open, free childcare and light refreshments available.
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM: Info tables are open
1:45 PM: Welcome from Supervisor Lynda Hopkins
2:00 PM – 2:40 PM: First Housing Panel
2:40 PM – 3:30 PM: Info tables are open
3:30 PM – 4:10 PM: Second Housing Panel
4:10 PM – 5:00 PM: Info tables are open
5:00 PM: End of event

Gratitude expressed by:

Wednesday, October 24th; 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Wednesday, October 31st; 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Where Santa Rosa
Cost FREE for anyone who lost their home or evacuated during October 2017
Add to Google Calendar Add to my calendar
Come Join Us at YogaOne
For Relax & Renew (Yoga for Anxiety, PTSD & Stress Reduction)!
With Hannah Caratti, LMFT, E-RYT 500
Wednesdays, 10/24 and 10/31 from 3:45-4:45pm
FREE for anyone who lost their home, business or pet,
or who was evacuated in the 2017 fire.

Location: YogaOne 416 B St., Santa Rosa, CA (corner of 5th St. and B St., across from Santa Rosa Mall)
Register on site the day of each class....only 2 classes left at this day/time/location!

For Information about these & similar classes, please text/call Hannah
at 707-494-7470 or visit the “Yoga Classes” page at
Class: Re: Master Gardeners: Straw Bale Gardening
From: EmeraldMatra     
Posted: October 22, 2018, 3:14 am
When:  Saturday, October 27th; 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Location: Sebastopol Library 7140 Bodega Ave. Sebastopol
Straw is typically oat straw and oats are typically sprayed with glyphosate as a desiccant before harvest. The last time I used straw in my garden it was from the Western Farm Supply in Railroad Square and it killed everything it touched. Glyphosate is an herbicide so it is designed to kill plants. Do you know where to get organic straw? Otherwise, I would never let straw touch my garden.

Quote Sebastopol Regional Library wrote: View Post
FREE Gardening workshop presented by UC Master Gardener Program of Sonoma County. The speaker for October's "Straw Bale Gardening" workshop is Marybeth Hull.
Barry's Picks
Workshop: How to be a Hero in Todays World: A workshop for men who want to rise
From: Debra Giusti  Supporting Member  
Posted: October 22, 2018, 7:00 am

Tuesday, October 23rd; 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Where Sebastopol, CA
Cost $100 Presale Until Oct 12th; $120 Full Price
Event Website Event Facebook Page
Add to Google Calendar Add to my calendar
Four Evening Workshop Series for only $100 if purchased before Oct 19th.

Tuesday Workshop Dates (4 workshops included with single ticket purchase):

*Please note no meeting Nov. 6th

  • Oct 23rd
  • Oct 30th
  • Nov 13th
  • Nov 20th

*Strengthen access to your purpose / dharma
*Up-level your capacity for authentic expression
*Join men in exploring topics such as privilege, entitlement and more.
*Harness your desire to better the world by engaging in this series with Sahar Eric Pinkham

About Sahar

My journey to wholeness was launched during my years with the Indian mystic, Swami Muktananda. During that time, I devoured ancient yogic texts, taught classes in Eastern Mysticism, meditation, and yoga; and managed two retreat centers. My journey has integrated many other experiences and tools. To this day, one question that sets the course and inspires the work I do as a coach and workshop facilitator is “Who am I?” Join me in the ever-evolving discovery.

“Sahar is one of the most genuinely warm people I have met and in our sessions together he has inspired me to embrace more effective ways of communication that are built on empathy and true self-expression. His insight has helped me grow my relationship with my wife, daughter and those around me. Opening my mind and heart and really sinking into my feelings is one of those challenges I face on a regular basis, but with Sahar, I feel safe to allow my feelings to unfold. He is a gem.” - Will M.

"Sahar is very intuitive that has the ability to see through the often cloudy emotional, spiritual and mental states that us humans go through. I am impressed with his very strong commitment to go to the heart of any issue and guide you from there to a place of resolution and peace. His toolkit, which includes hypnotherapy, music, connection to nature in its many forms combined with his huge heart, sense of humor and strength make him a highly skilled coach and one of the most wholesome human beings I have met." - Luc C.

"Sahar prepared a space of growth and safety that set the stage for breakthrough experiences. For each session, he crafted a provocative series of exercises designed to take us deep”
~ Dawson Church, co-author, The Heart of the Healer

For more on Sahar and his offerings visit

***Address will be provided with ticket or RSVP to [email protected]. ***

Presale tickets advised as this event might sell out.
WaccoBB WaccoBB Services/Referrals Wanted
Need power pole installed
From: Mediajammer     
Posted: October 21, 2018, 10:46 am
Need to have a 25' power pole set into hole, or have someone drill the hole and set it.
Call Peter 323-841-6405
good crab or combo party boat out of Bodega Bay or nearby?
From: Kevind     
Posted: October 21, 2018, 2:09 pm
Looking for a referral for either Dungeness crab or combo (crab plus rockfish) trips out of either Bodega Bay or someplace else close.

We've had one really bad party boat trip out of Bodega Bay and want to make sure we find a decent boat and captain for future crab trips. Don't need another shouter captain!
WaccoBB WaccoBB For Sale/Free/Wanted
Free: sheets of safety glass -  free
From: Kevind     
Posted: October 21, 2018, 2:18 pm
I've inherited a collection of large panes of clear safety glass, free to anyone who wants to take them away.
ForSale: Hinterburg Quilting Machine for sale -  150.00
From: hokulee     
Posted: October 22, 2018, 7:22 am
ExpandThe Original Machine Frame will turn your own home sewing machine into a quilting system. This frame can accommodate most home sewing machines with up to an 11" throat. The frame can be set up to do baby to king size quilts, depending on the length of the rollers you purchase.

The frame includes reversible handles, 2 end tensioning clamps. This frame is designed to be at a comfortable sitting height, but the optional extender legs with levelers give you the ability to stand and quilt as well. The frame comes with a complete binder full of instructions, photos and helpful tips for assembling and using your frame. Overall depth of frame is 28". You determine the length of your frame by purchasing 1 1/4" conduit rollers from your local hardware store.

Does not include sewing machine. Complete.
WaccoBB WaccoBB Housing/Offices
I am a looking for a 2 bedroom home for my 2 daughters who are 14 and 11. I would love some land to be able to garden in a nice neighborhood and a friendly community. I'm looking for something long term and intend to invest my time and energy into the property. I want it to be an inspiring place surrounded by nature. Both of my girls go to school in Santa Rosa and I am a school psychologist in Rohnert Park, so ideally it would be geographically convenient to get them to school and a decent commute for me to work. I would like to move in January 1, 2019. Please e-mail or call me with any potential opportunities. [email protected] 609 790-3942
WaccoBB WaccoBB National & International Politics
Re: Best in Political Humor - October 2018
From: Barry  Founder & Moderator  
Posted: October 21, 2018, 3:06 pm

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Gratitude expressed by 3 members:

Billionaire-Funded Fascism Is Rising in America
From: Karl Frederick  Supporting member  
Posted: October 21, 2018, 11:22 pm
Thom Hartman describes the link between the increase in fascism and the death of the middle class . . . and the downhill slide we're on in the US. Our founders recognized the danger of unregulated capitalism, FDR's VP, Henry Wallace, saw the danger of fascism in the US in 1944, and others have written about it more recently.
WaccoBB WaccoBB Poetry and Prose
Re: Poem for the day from Larry Robinson
From: Larry Robinson  WaccoBB Poet Laureate  
Posted: October 22, 2018, 6:44 am
When There Were Ghosts

On the Mexico side in the 1950s and 60s,
There were movie houses everywhere

And for the longest time people could smoke
As they pleased in the comfort of the theaters.

The smoke rose and the movie told itself
On the screen and in the air both,

The projection caught a little
In the wavering mist of the cigarettes.

In this way, every story was two stories
And every character lived near its ghost.

Looking up we knew what would happen next
Before it did, as if it the movie were dreaming

Itself, and we were part of it, part of the plot
Itself, and not just the audience.

And in that dream the actors’ faces bent
A little, hard to make out exactly in the smoke,

So that Mara Flix and Pedro Armendriz
Looked a little like my aunt and one of my uncles—

And so they were, and so were we all in the movies,
Which is how I remember it: Popcorn in hand,

Smoke in the air, gum on the floor—
Those Saturday nights, we ourselves

Were the story and the stuff and the stars.
We ourselves were alive in the dance of the dream.

- Alberto Ros

Gratitude expressed by 2 members: