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 Homelessness after the fires MikeH
 Sonoma Co: OFF THE GRID? Goat Rock Ukulele
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Re: Homelessness after the fires
From: tommy  Supporting member  
Posted: November 18, 2017, 12:42 pm
This is from today's PD:

Santa Rosa cleans up downtown homeless camps

"This time, city officials say they’re not going to let the camps return, taking a tougher approach to the issue in response to a chorus of complaints from businesses owners and residents."

In your post, there's alot of judgment, finger pointing, & make wrong about public officials, who don't do what you want them to do for the homeless. This is a contentious issue, and marginalizing public officials may feel good, but it doesn't contribute to moving forward. My sense, reading the simple line from the PD, about responding to complaints from business owners and residents, is that many people don't agree with you. It's probably especially true for those who live near or have businesses near the homeless encampments under the bridges. They don't want people camping right next to them, on the sidewalks. Can you blame them? We live in a society of many views and opinions - isn't this what democracy is all about? The needs of all are relevant, not just the homeless and their advocates.

Quote beshiva wrote: View Post
they took people off today- criminalizing homelessness, and that's what the great County of Sonoma has to offer our most underprivileged, in a county of the privileged.
Olivares is running for Sheriff- shame on him! shame on all in the City Council, except for Julie Combs, who at least tried. So we know where Olivares stands when it comes to the homeless- "lock em up"! way to solve it, ey.

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Re: Homelessness after the fires
From: jesswolfe     
Posted: November 18, 2017, 12:59 pm
So, where would you like these homeless folks to go? Isn’t that what it comes down to? I heard a lot of stories of people who were about to move into a place and then the fires happened. They lost out to people who lost their homes in the fires. So where do you suggest they go if they aren’t allowed to camp anywhere?

the frustrating part of this conversation is the unspoken judgement about morality and worth. That people who are homeless are that way because they are in some way flawed, immoral or mentally ill. If they were just good people who made good decisions they wouldn’t be in this situation. It’s the other end of the prosperity gospel and the new age low vibration.

Let me put it this way. Trump is in office because people think that his wealth shows that he is morally and intellectually superior. We give much more to wealthy people because the assumption is that they are morally superior and will “do the right thing” with the money they get.

We we now have a much worse housing situation than we did before the fires. My hope initially was that the rebuilding would bring justice to how we take care of ALL of our residents. That’s not been the case. Kicking people out of their small camps isn’t a solution to any real problems, except that of perception.


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Re: Homelessness after the fires
From: beshiva     
Posted: November 18, 2017, 3:53 pm
I never implied that the needs of ALL are not relevant nor that only advocates of the homeless need to be heard.
It’s obvious to me that you didn’t take the time to listen to the SR City Council meeting this week because if you had, you would have listened to what Julie Combs had to say,
Or Scott Wagner, or Jim Dewitt, who by the way did have a solution. Or others so articulately shared.
Listening is a necessary skill for actually hearing both sides to an issue.
I guess my question might be then, “what do YOU Think is a another solution other than just throwing people out of the few possessions they have and evicting them to go WHERE”?
And if they wind up in jail, whom do you think pays for That?

It’s kinda a round-robin thingie. You can push people along, ignore them, detest them, and they are going to show up again, another time, at another place, on another corner.
I can’t believe, it’s the end of the year coming round, the cold, the wet, the Holidays, and we’re having this conversation.
We’re coming to a new low in our society- if that’s even possible.
I recently saw On FB, slap on the back for Jack Tibbetts concerning apprenticeships (maybe even some san Quentin inmates) for rebuilding Santa Rosa. Hey, way to go Jack, slap your back.
But, just this week, Jack Tibbetts didn’t even second Julie combs motion to look at the Homeless and find some solutions
I say, the SR City Council, except for Julie, are a bunch of hypocrites.
Because, even though YOU, and the council, and maybe others don’t want to admit, you would rather homeless people Disappear, just plain disappear-simple as that.

I know the answer for many might be, “I really don’t give a crap Where they go, just get out of MY face”. But, you and I -both know that’s not a solution.
People who own business’ know that ONE simple solution is provide a place for people to go to the Bathroom- not rocket science.
People who own business’, (an articulate business owner actually spoke at the Council meeting if you listened) for the most part do not want to see people on the streets crapping in their doorways, but they Know the City is ignoring them too. So, they go to the City and demand some solution, and the City, washes their hands and tells them, “we just don’t know what to do”- which is a bold-face lie.

Right now, as I write this, at least temporarily, there is a solution and there is a shelter in Roseland that can be used to house some of these folks, get them out of the rain, show some damn compassion.
Not a long term solution, but you should note that some of those people were taken in by Rembrance Village, The very people who themselves have so little, and STILL, they moved over and gave some other homeless people some space in their, already, crowded shelter.
Stop making excuses for not finding solutions.
There are still people who lost their homes, and those very people Are amongst the homeless. So, do they matter More to you?

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Re: Homelessness after the fires
From: Hot Compost      Posted: November 18, 2017, 4:21 pm
Tent cities Work.

They did during other times in people history.

It may be, the BEST we can do is to allow well-run tent cities for all the millions of homeless people in the US.

Why would we not do, the best that we can do ?

There is little resolve among the Shirley Zanes of the world to solve this "problem".

The homeless folks have a right to exist somewhere.

Where I live, I know where to find them - along a stretch of railroad track and blackberry bushes.

Once I was releasing a rat that had been caught in a trap, at about 5 AM in the morning. Some guy who was camping came out of the bushes and asked me not to release the rat there. So I walked it 50 yards away and let it go there.

Now I have an over-supply of cats and I am thinking about letting some of them go near the homeless people. I am pretty sure some of the kittens would be adopted.

It's not clear to the Board of Supes etc. that being allowed to camp and have a pet cat (or rat) is something very close to a Basic Human Right.

One of the things I observe from reading wildfire & local news is the number of large wildfires started by homeless people who just built a fire to keep warm. I believe one of the bigger recent California fires was started that way.

I'm not sure California will ever figure out as a State how to manage wildfires.

However, I would say government approved tent camps for homeless people is one of the primary features of any realistic California policy to deal with wildfire risk.

One of the reasons to allow homeless encampments is to allow them to build campfires somewhere where people can see the fires. It's possible that sounds crazy but, California's problem is not controlled burning. California's problem is uncontrolled burning.

When California allows government approved homeless camps, that element of wildfire risk is almost eliminated.
Re: Homelessness after the fires
From: wisewomn     
Posted: November 18, 2017, 4:33 pm
I do hope you weren't serious about turning your "over-supply of cats" loose. That would be utterly irresponsible on your part. What about the ones who aren't adopted by homeless people? What if the homeless people can't afford shots and medical care for the kittens? Take them to a shelter or a rescue organization if you just can't be bothered to find them good homes individually. Are you going to spay/neuter your cats to prevent this "over-supply" from happening again? For decency's sake, I hope so.

Quote Hot Compost wrote: View Post
Now I have an over-supply of cats and I am thinking about letting some of them go near the homeless people. I am pretty sure some of the kittens would be adopted....

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Re: Homelessness after the fires
From: MikeH      Posted: November 18, 2017, 9:01 pm
Here's the link for the Humane Society Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic.

"Our clinics operate on Tuesdays for dogs, and Wednesdays for cats. To schedule an appointment for your four-legged loved one, contact us at 707-284-FIXX (3499)."

I think it is $35 to spay a kitten for low income persons. If it is just a stray you have maybe it can be done free and either put up for adoption or returned to you.

I took a friendly, sickly stray there. They fixed him, nursed him to health and put him for adoption and he got a home quick. I had said I'd take him back if not adopted because he was scrawny and not well looking. I also volunteer there and it is enjoyable. They can fix 20+ cats/kittens in a day, maybe even 30.

They work hard trying to cut down on the overpopulation so please help out. Especially don't give away kittens without getting them fixed first. Thank you.

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Re: Sonoma Co: OFF THE GRID?
From: Goat Rock Ukulele     
Posted: November 18, 2017, 4:34 pm
What you can get away with depends largely on your neighbors. If they like you or have their own zoning sins your probably going to be ok. If they don't like you and are going to drop a dime on you you will need to comply with a myriad of rules, too many to post here. If you want to know all the rules you need to get them from PMRD because they are ever changing and open to their interpretation. They aren't going to follow you out the door and follow you home. Getting information from anyone other than PMRD is pointless as they regulate and enforce.
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    Peacetown Fire Fighter Appreciation Day & Benefit Concert

    Sebastopol Community Cultural Center (390 Morris)

    Five fantastic Bands in the main hall, five acoustic acts in the Annex and lots of opportunities to thank our brave firefighters. Proceeds Benefit Fire Fighters and First Responders who lost their h...
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  • Sun, Nov 19


    Kitaro - kojiki and the universe tour

    Healdsburg, CA

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    A Matter of Balance

    Sebastopol Library 7140 Bodega Ave. Sebastopol, CA 95472

    A Matter of Balance is an 8-week structured group intervention that emphasizes practical strategies to reduce fear of falling and increase activity levels.
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    Parenting Through Positive Discipline

    Sebastopol Library 7140 Bodega Ave. Sebastopol, CA 95472

    In this fun, interactive class we will explore different parenting styles, discuss parenting challenges, and learn some tools to help overcome those challenges.
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  • Tue, Nov 21

    Radio/TV/ Movie/Online

    Bolshoi Ballet: The Taming of the Shrew

    Rialto Cinemas, 6868 McKinley St, Sebastopol

    Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew as Ballet!
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Annual Awards Celebration and Dance Party
Fundraiser for the Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County

Due to the devastating fires, the Peace & Justice Center has set a new date and venue for the Annual Awards Presentation and Fundraiser. We are pleased to have the opportunity to present the awards and celebrate with a dance party, at the Roseland Village Neighborhood Center,
779 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa (next to Dollar Tree), Saturday, Dec. 9, 6-9 pm.

Alicia RomanPeace & Justice Award
Ana SalgadoRuss & Mary Jorgensen Courage of Commitment Award
Yes on Measure C, Santa Rosa Rent Control Campaign Unsung Hero Award
Indivisible Groups in Sonoma CountyCommunity Organization Award

DJ dance after the awards, with KBBF’s DJ Broken Record – cumbias and beyond...
Food and drinks will be available for sale as part of the fundraiser. There will also be a silent auction. It is an all ages event, no alcohol, wheelchair accessible

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Ivy Hawthorne Therapeutic Bodywork and Tantra
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West Sonoma County
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Hello Beloved,
I'm so glad you're here.
I've been waiting for you.
I am here to awaken, enliven,
celebrate and honor you
as you so richly deserve.
With all my heart, I welcome you.


A born shaman, I have been practicing Tantra Yoga for thirty years. With deep respect and great courage, I will guide you as you reclaim the hidden parts of yourself and return to Joy.

I offer a uniquely blended Tantric Massage with the intention of deepening your ability to feel and experience your best—a true Delight of the senses. Your body will dance with Sublime pleasure as I hold you, caress you, work intimately with your body, and bring you to a state of deeply relaxed Blissfulness.


Massage and Body Work

I love connecting with people. I especially love deeply connecting, nurturing, and healing you on all levels. From a tired, sore body full of aches and pains; to a weary heart full of arrows and old, sad stories that have caused your spirit to close. I want to be there for you, bear witness to your darkened places, and warm them with love and care.

I offer myself and all the skills that I have mastered over the years. Experiencing a Healing Session with me, what you will receive combines dozens of Bodywork styles and Spiritual and Emotional Healing traditions tailored to exactly what you need in that moment. To uplift you and maximize your healing is my deepest desire. You are that important to me.

My extensive Training, Study, and Experience of Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Massage Rehabilitation, Shiatsu, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, and Shamanic Healing give me insight, skill level, and a Mastery few can rival.

When you come to me and receive my work, prepare for changes. Deep, lasting changes. My work is powerful—I mean Powerful. (Yes, that was meant to be capitalized.) When stuff comes up, we will handle it together. I stand in the gap with you unflinchingly and support you all the way through. I do this with Love, Integrity, and Compassion.

Sexual challenges for men

Soft erection, inability to maintain erection, low intensity or premature ejaculation, prolonging ejaculation, performance skills, self confidence, satisfying partner, male sexual health.

Sexual challenges for women

Loss of interest in sex, loss of sensations, painful intercourse, inability to reach orgasm, having weak or mild orgasms, weak internal muscles due to childbirth, etc., sexual health concerns, sexual guilt and shame, inhibitions, fear of intimacy, need to be in control.

As a coach and teacher, I will Empower you with lifelong skills that will transform your relationships

  • Become a master lover
  • Awaken your body's pleasure
  • Deepen intimate connections
  • Overcome fears and traumas
  • Claim your right to erotic power
  • Expand your ability to love
  • Reduce conflict
  • Open communication
  • Attract The Beloved
  • Be the star in your own life



Tantra is an ancient form of spiritual practice that harnesses the erotic energy inherent in every person to transform the self and attain Spiritual Mastery.  We combine Yoga, Breathwork, Massage, and Visualization of Sacred Geometry to achieve a happier you.  In fact, you get to be the “real you.” That means the you that is beyond your job, marital status, how many kids you have, what kind of car you drive, or how big the number is in your bank account.

Blissfulness, empowerment, sensitivity, flexibility, awakening of your body, emotions, and life-force are the side effects of this Spiritual Path. You become your full, enlivened, sexy self. Who doesn't like sexy?!?! And, it really is Spiritual. How about that—spiritual and sexy at the same time. Who wouldn't want that?

Individual and Couples Sessions

Individual tantra sessions include massage, breathwork, and meditation techniques tailored to your specific needs. Two hour minimum. Feel the magic that Tantra brings!

Would you like to connect more deeply and fully with your Beloved? Stuck in a rut? Feeling like you are going through the motions and growing resentful and further from your partner each time? Looking for more skills to increase your pleasure resum? Or, does eating your dessert give you more pleasure than getting into bed with your lover? Couples Sessions can help. Three hour minimum. Experience exquisiteness with your Beloved!

About Ivy

See more about me on my website


Reviews For Ivy Hawthorne Therapeutic Bodywork and Tantra

Positive Results
October 29th, 2017

“I took my ailing back to Ivy with wonderful results. She evaluated my situation thoroughly and provided a wonderful, uplifting massage that relieved the pain I was experiencing, along with relaxing and opening up the energy flow throughout my body. I will visit Ivy again and suggest you do, as well.”

Do you have a Financial or Social connection to this business or receive any consideration for writing this review?


WaccoBB WaccoBB Housing/Offices
Sublet Offered: Sebastopol 1 bdrm Granny unit -  $750/month
From: SherryA      Posted: November 18, 2017, 5:36 pm
Available Dec. 18 - March1
WaccoBB WaccoBB Poetry and Prose
Re: Poem for the day from Larry Robinson
From: Larry Robinson  WaccoBB Poet Laureate  
Posted: November 19, 2017, 7:24 am
When Fire Swept West

When fire swept west in Annadel Park
there appeared no stopping it
from descending to devour our street and house
and when it halted, we wept
with gratitude then went silent
in the knowledge of what others were loosing.

Then came a long-planned
trip to the land of my wife's ancestors.
One evening in Kyoto in an
elegant old hilltop home

our hostess presented us
with poems hand-written
on rice paper. Mine, by an
anonymous 9th century poet, read

How clear and bright the moon this autumn night!
White clouds float in the crystal firmament.
I see clearly even the shadows of a flight of geese.

But I couldn't take it in, and rewrote it in my mind:

How red and scorched the moon this autumn night.
Black smoke floats in the inky sky
blotting everything out -- even lost geese
and their invisible shadows.

In Shinto there are a thousand deities;
Here are two we must speak to now:

First, Rai-den, God of Destruction. He stands fiercely,
fire in his right hand, a sword in his left.
Enough. You ravage the world and now you've ravaged us.
Leave us. We don't want you her again, ever.

Then there is Kan-non, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.
She stands serene and focused, in her left hand a lotus blossom.
Welcome. We need you now. Show us that while pain's roots go deep, those of healing go deeper. That loss can choke us but cannot inhibit hope -- we won't let it, now or ever.

And finally, remind us that love is strong as death. It lives in
community, and it's just here that
we will hold it, and each other, tight.

- David Beckman

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