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WaccoBB General Community WaccoBB
 Sonoma West TImes and News Article- " Is For Sale a sign of the times for Sebastopol?" rossmen
Barry's Picks Enforce the Smart Meter Ban in Sebastopol podfish
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 Radio/TV/Movie/Online: Something Completely Tweetified Roland Jacopetti
 Music: Cloverdale Fiddle Festival Weiser
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 Final Passages Institute of Conscious Dying, Home Funeral & Green Burial Education Finalpassages
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 Benzo epidemic in the U.S. parlyvous
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 ForSale: The Complete Writings of Elbert Hubbard (20 volume collection) scottymuira
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 Tavis Smiley interview: George Lakoff on Trump american dream
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 One face of depression in spoken word Thad
 Poem for the day from Larry Robinson Larry Robinson
WaccoBB WaccoBB General Community
I think the article is pretty good for the old snooze. How long has rose been writing? Lots of details, a provocative slant, where do you want to go? Money is powerful and is moving in. Mcds, spanglers, starbucks is an interesting story, locals trying to cash in on law and business changes. Having an existing drive threw is gold! Barlow, cvs, the highrise fancy hotel all bring change to a gridlocked crossroads. How much can we do to guide the process of change? What are your recommendations for rent and zoning laws? Don't shoot the messenger cause they raise questions without answering them...

Quote jerichsalud wrote: View Post
In this article, Is “For Sale” a sign of the times for Sebastopol?, the reporter writes, "It may be hard to pinpoint what finally brought Sebastopol to the precipice of change."

and this

"hat’s behind the business boom will surely light up the chatter at dinner tables and on boards such as and “It indicates the general influx of foodies replacing the hippies (According to realtor David Rendino of RE/MAX Marketplacew).”

This oversimplified explanation does not do this real and important issue justice and this reporter is either unaware or avoiding calling out the real issue, which I'd call the "gentrification" of Sebastopol.

"Gentrification is often defined as the transformation of neighborhoods from low value to high value. This change has the potential to cause displacement of long-time residents and businesses."

Here is a map of "Gentrification in the Bay Area"

Gentrification is a very real and important issue because of the significant impacts to communities and community members. CDC information "Health Effects of Gentrification".

There are very real policy decisions and priorities that can either propel or inhibit gentrification. This article does not do this issue justice and I hope that as a community we can be aware of this issue and proactive about acting in accord with our values.

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Barry's Picks
OK, here we have the revelation from the horse's mouth: admission of the REAL reason for the hard, universal push for 'smart' (sic) meters. Wake up, America. Jude
Global Data Firm: “We Help Utilities Surveil and Profile Their Customers, and Monetize Home Surveillance Data”

March 25, 2017 by Josh del Sol

In one fell swoop, every utility’s claim of “smart meters do not spy on you” is now dissolved.

Their myth is now shattered.

In a cutesy marketing video, shown below, global data analytics company Onzo admits to helping utilities surveil and profile their customers — and sell direct surveillance access to their customers’ homes.

“We use this characterized profile to give the utility... the ability to monetize their customer data by providing a direct link to appropriate third-party organizations based on the customer’s identified character.”
Watch Onzo’s rather jaw dropping 90-second marketing video:

So, what does this mean?

See Jerry Day’s excellent commentary on the implications Onzo’s admission and the Internet of Things:

Onzo’s blatant admission comes after years of industry speculation about using ‘smart’ meters for mass surveillance the main home-access point in a plan of unprecedented scope and profit potential.
In a 2015 interview, a high-level NARUC director signaled the intention and scope of the agenda:

“I think the data [harvested by ‘smart’ meters] is going to be worth a lot more than the commodity that’s being consumed to generate the data.”
Miles Keogh, Director, Research and Grants, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, 1 January 2015 (view source)
Continues here

Quote Sasu wrote: View Post
The City of Sebastopol sent the attached letter to PG&E on March 21 recommending they not install smart meters at this time.
Barry's Picks
Re: Enforce the Smart Meter Ban in Sebastopol - ADMISSION OF METERS SPYING FOR PROFIT
From: podfish  Supporting Member  
Posted: March 26, 2017, 8:08 am
Quote Jude Iam wrote: View Post
OK, here we have the revelation from the horse's mouth: admission of the REAL reason for the hard, universal push for 'smart' (sic) meters. Wake up, America. ....
In one fell swoop, every utility’s claim of “smart meters do not spy on you” is now dissolved.
Their myth is now shattered. .... Watch Onzo’s rather jaw dropping 90-second marketing video:.
that's a typically conspiratorial midset. First, there's no REAL REASON. There are lots of reasons. Sure, that's one of them, and without "Waking up, America" can disabuse itself of the myth. Oh yeah, shatter the myth. Whatever. Somehow my jaw didn't drop to learn that the modern connectivity can be used for data-collection.

Personally, I'm kind of surprised at the level of legal restrictions that are imposed (I didn't say followed) on data collection of individuals. And if my jaw drops, it's that largely these companies seem reasonably willing to do some anonymizing since they are quite interested in the aggregate. This to me seems a sign that it's still an immature technology. There are too many advantages for "them" to know everything. You'll see it as a crime- or terrorist-prevention tool; if something shocking (in the real sense of shock) happens, it'll be more than just Trump voters who will support enabling of the surveillance capabilities that are already there. I think it was Brin who wrote that fighting for privacy gives tools to the privileged but won't really protect the rest of us.

So bottom line, this seems a weird hill to plant your flag. Your phone knows so much more about you 'cuz you probably keep it with you a lot, and if anyone cares to do it they can use it as a microphone without you knowing. Fortunately we're a few years away from cheap & easy data processing on that level - despite the fears of several others on this board.

as you can tell, it's not the overarching thesis I disagree with, it's the pearl-clutching over something really minor in both health hazard and risk to liberty.
WaccoBB WaccoBB Events, Classes and Meetings
Radio/TV/Movie/Online: Something Completely Tweetified
From: Roland Jacopetti  Supporting Member  
Posted: March 25, 2017, 4:46 pm
Date & Time: March 28, 2017
Location:  KRCB-FM (91.1, 90.9, on line @, w/app @iTunes store
OK, the tweetification you find in the title of this Something Completely Different show has absolutely nothing to do with the insanely compulsive tweeting that this Donald Trump bad dude (Not MY President!) who can't sleep very much most nights (because of a bad conscience, I'm sure), and so sits in front of his computer, texting away about little or nothing. Nope. This is all about real birds, the ones I see every morning (except when it's raining) around my two bird feeders. Songs about birds - yet another way that KRCB tells you that Spring has sprung.

First off, you'll hear a number of bird songs by the Beatles - - Blackbird, Free As a Bird, Norwegian Wood (Remember the bird that has flown?), And Your Bird Can Sing. Michael Franks checks in with Bird of Paradise, Songbirds and Feathers from an Angel's Wing (sort of a stretch, but angels and birds go very well together.) There'll even be a Grateful Dead song (Little Red Rooster) plus Carly Simon and James Taylor (Together again!) with their classic version of Mockingbird. Life is good in the Springtime.

And listen...if we play our cards might even be a day without rain. Some fun, huh, gang?

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Music: Cloverdale Fiddle Festival
From: Weiser     
Posted: March 25, 2017, 7:54 pm
Date & Time: Saturday April 1st. 9am to 6pm
Location:  Cloverdale
The 41st Cloverdale Fiddle Festival. for complete info on how to enter the fiddle contest. Second performance stage featuring Debby McClatchey, Kevin Russell & His So Called Friends, Antioch Strolling Strings, Blithedale Canyon and Gilchrist, Nygard & Reischman. Overnite RV and tent camping. Call 894-3992 to reserve. Food on site. Plenty of opportunity to jam so bring your instrument. Further info a [email protected], 707-479-5529.
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Final Passages Institute of Conscious Dying, Home Funeral & Green Burial Education
Sebastopol, 95473

(707) 824-0268

Final Passages is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1995 offering ongoing retreat-style courses in conscious dying, death midwifery, family-directed home funerals and green burial. Please visit our website for more information,
WaccoBB WaccoBB Health & Wellness
Re: Benzo epidemic in the U.S.
From: parlyvous     
Posted: March 25, 2017, 4:14 pm
I understand trying to avoid allopathic got me where I find myself today. I've tried amino acids, niacinamide in high doses, read much on cannabis, wild lettuce, wine tapering (joke, but it sure takes the edge off the suffering..but I'm not much of a drinker) gone to holistic doctors and just got ripped off...or told to "chant" lol, I'm sure!!!!
I'm now on propranolol, (no screaming please) and now the shaking and anxiety, insomnia has largely lessened and I've tapered from 10mg of Valium to 7mg in one week!!! I realize there will be a taper when I'm done with Valium, from Propranolol....but willing to do it...I 've studied much and there seems to be little to it.

Thanks to all the Doctors that ignored my pleas when this was starting years ago, thanks a lot for lost years, lost to suffering. STOP prescribing this poison!!!!!

At least now I feel like I might be on the road to recovery. Won't happen overnight, but I'm feeling better and being closely monitored and the GG Bridge doesn't look as good as it once did.

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WaccoBB WaccoBB For Sale/Free/Wanted
ForSale: The Complete Writings of Elbert Hubbard (20 volume collection)
From: scottymuira     
Posted: March 25, 2017, 6:36 pm
Location:  Sebastopol Area
Published 1908, 1911 and 1914. 8” x 12” hardback books; beautifully detailed. There is some wear but overall volumes are in good condition. $125 for the 20 volume set. Sebastopol location: Green Valley Rd. at Hwy. 116.
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WaccoBB WaccoBB National & International Politics
Re: Tavis Smiley interview: George Lakoff on Trump
From: american dream  Supporting Member  
Posted: March 25, 2017, 6:27 pm
Great Interview! For me, so well worth the time to watch it. See it here
Quote markwjam wrote: View Post
Thank you...
WaccoBB WaccoBB Poetry and Prose
One face of depression in spoken word
From: Thad     
Posted: March 25, 2017, 8:22 pm

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Re: Poem for the day from Larry Robinson
From: Larry Robinson  WaccoBB Poet Laureate  
Posted: March 26, 2017, 6:37 am
Senior Discount

I want to grow old with you.
Old, old.

So old we pad through the supermarket
using the shopping cart as a cane that steadies us.

I’ll wait at register two in my green sweater
with threadbare elbows, smiling
because you’ve forgotten the bag of day-old pastries.

The cashier will tell me a joke about barbers as I wait.
He repeats the first line three times
but the only word I understand is barber.

Over the years we’ve caught inklings
of our shrinking frames and hunched spines.

You’re a little confused
looking for me at the wrong register with a bag
of almost-stale croissants clenched in your hand.

The first time I held your hand it felt enormous in my own.
Sasquatch, I teased you, a million years ago.

Over here, I yell, but not in a mad way.

We’re laughing.
You have a bright yellow pin on your coat that says, Shalom!

Senior Discount, you say.
But the cashier already knows us.
We’re everyone’s favorite customers.

- Ali Liebegott

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