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    Stop The Killers of Sonoma Clean Power -- Us!!!

    I'm here to tell you about an exciting new form of activism: Winning.

    Corporate buyout of our government has forced environmental activists into a default defense mentality -- hoping not to lose to potential disasters. We always have our backs to the wall, e.g. fighting off the newest nuclear plant proposal, the Keystone XL Pipeline, and Prop 16 -- where PG&E tried to use our government to trick us into killing Sonoma Clean Power and other CCAs, by spending $46,000,000 of our money, which we still pay for in our monthly bill.

    And what we often forget is that the reason we stop those dirty projects is so that we can put something else in its place -- replace nukes with solar, oil with electric economy, PG&E with our own CCA.

    But the good stuff comes along so rarely, it seems too good to be true. So we fight! "No, no, no! Conspiracy! Distrust!"

    But how about this? How about we say, YES.

    Say yes to a program started by environmentalists who lobbied our government to create something great.

    Forget the renewable energy, the potential rates, keeping the money away from PG&E to give to its CEO. What I'm talking bout is saying,"YES we will make this our power company."

    And when you say yes, when we say yes, we can shape Sonoma Clean Power to be truly our own. None of us will have absolute control, none of us will be 100% happy, but we know it will be ours. If we stay with "no" Tuesday, then we have no choice.

    If we keep beating it down, instead of offering solutions once we've joined, we will stand on the sidelines while the county does whatever it thinks is best. Is that what we want?

    I ask you to take a deep breath, and question if the old way of doing things -- saying no, no, no -- is really the best approach to an opportunity of a lifetime… tactically, emotionally and spiritually. I want to choose healthy answers.

    For once, let's say YES, YES, YES, and have a seat at the table to empower our requests.
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