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    Re: ALERT-Rodota Trail users, cars being towed

    [This post was orginally posted here. - Barry ]

    Oh my God women, get a clue that you're wrong. I have never seen anything or anyone like you, oh wait yes I have. It's Amy's Bakery that was on an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, the lady on that show could never admit she was ever wrong in any way. It was always everyone else who were wrong, Chef Ramsey had to walk off of the show because he COULD NOT GET THROUGH TO HER. And here we are with your flapping your jaws like it was someone else doing this to you, you were the one who choose to ignore a sign or signs legal or not. Does someone have to come staple one to your forehead in order for you to get it, if there is a sign at the entrance to the parking lot WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED.

    It looks like you must have nothing better to do then get on forums and just talk crap about people, why don't you put your address on here so we can have everyone in town go park around and in front of your house and lets see how long it takes for you to loose your marbles. Oh wait it looks as if that's already happened. Do you see anyone else supporting the crap you are posting? Gee maybe that should be a BIG HINT. Go away and flap your jaws somewhere else, and give it a rest will you? Go watch the episode of Kitchen Nightmares with Amy's Bakery and maybe you will see yourself, but I bet NOT!!!!

    Oh yeah I did stop in and see Dennis at Porkeez Hobbies, and what I nice guy he was. He was helping some customers and kept asking me if I needed any help and just say so when I do, I then asked him about this jumps and stuff in behind on the empty lot, he said the owner of the property and a few customers help put this together for Dennis. So see there you go flapping about respect, and here the owner of the property was obviously aware of what Dennis was doing if he was helping him. So GET YOUR FACTS TOGETHER BEFORE YOU SAY CRAP LIKE YOU DID. And I Agree with Sebtown1968 you had better watch your words and stop your slander before it gets YOU into trouble.
    Last edited by Barry; 06-13-2013 at 10:33 AM.
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