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    The wounds of language...


    The body of language is wounded. This is the core issue that provokes this study.

    Thebody oflanguageiswounded. Wounds attach to language and are transmitted subliminally, conversationally from one moment to the next, from person to person, and generation to generation. In the conversational moment, wounds from the agesówounds deeper, way deeper than we know plan hidden agendas. Heal the language and you heal the story. Heal the story and you heal the body and the world. It's too simple. They'll never go for it. Please consider the following hand signs at the bottom of this post and share thoughts and feelings with the vision of building a healing conversation together.

    I'd like to design a conversation whose vision is to expand our sense of what language is. The letters of a word converse with each other and so the word is born. The words of a sentence converse with each other and a thought completes the circle of itself. The sea converses with the shore. The less converses with the more...the Earth with the sky, the where with the why...the heart with the feeling, the wound with the healing. Everything is talking back and forth to everything else all of the time. In all things, language is natural and implicit.

    * * * * * * *

    Hands folded with the two pinkies pointing upward to form a steeple means 'pause'. It means you need a quiet moment or two to process something.

    Hands folded with the two index fingers pointing upward to form a steeple means 'inner stirring'. It means something is stirring inside of you that has no emotional charge attached to it.

    Hands folded with the two index and middle fingers pointing upward ('urgent inner stirring') means the stirring involves an emotional charge (exciting or disturbing). The three middle fingers pointing upward means 'distress'. The two index fingers crossed means a wound has been triggered.

    Hands folded means retreat. Your attention is not or is no longer available.

    Palms pressed with all fingers extended and pointing toward someone is 'the inviting'. It gives attention to someone. It gives the moment away. Maybe you sense something astir in someone. Palms pressed, fingers pointing upward means 'presence'. Your attention is available or your attention to what is going on is clear and present.

    Michael Bridge
    cell: 707-540-1289

    [email protected]
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