Dear folks,
As many of you may know, American Celtic Bard, Chris Caswell, died in late January of cancer at his home in Oakland. Before his move there, he lived in Sonoma Co and raised his children here for about 20 years. He played with Kate Wolf so long ago and also for so many weddings, parties and other events. He was a seminal figure in the Renaissance of the harp in American and especially in California, building over 1000 harps over the last 40 years for musicians all over the world. We, his family, friends, colleagues, fans and students are mourning this loss, not only for ourselves, but for music and music history in general.

At his last concert at the Occidental Center for the Arts in December, Chris said he was hoping to see another Spring, so it's a sad one for us as we experience Spring's return without hearing his passionate music.

So we have put up a page in Chris' honor at (, to raise funds to finish a double CD project that Chris could not complete before his death. We have clear guidelines from him, and hope to raise enough to preserve his virtuoso harp playing, humor and wisdom as well as reproduce his older CDs, whose publisher has gone out of business. Proceeds from the sales of these CDs will be used to help the family with medical bills.

On our Indiegogo page, there are videos and pics and music and also some nice perks for even smaller donations. So go to Indiegogo, type in Chris Caswell, and made a small or large tribute to his memory, and then please do whatever you can to help us spread the word about this project. We have just 14 days to reach our goal. Thanks and blessings. Bev Riverwood
for Chris