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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

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    Tales of Awakening A Wild Heart - by Marcia Singer

    Marcia Singer 87

    SoftPlay me,

    Tickleteasing hairs alive along my arm

    Eyesparkle mischiefmaker,

    Planting wee kisses on my shouldertop

    Mark a secret spot all your own, then

    Dart to a forgotten toe

    Jumpstarting me into appeals of laughter,

    Struggles to win back my foot

    In a tangled wrestling of hips, thighs,

    Legs and tongues, I come undone:

    Invent me all over again.

    Cover me in warm breaths and surprise shivers

    Cascades along my spine, propelled

    By divine choruses of unseemly noises,

    Feather kisses stunning we weal with delights,

    Each cell anticipating, elating, all things New

    Exposing me alive to each Moment shared

    All things Dared,

    No Love spared

    SoftPlay me.
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