Amends to Amendments
By Lev Strider

You complain about your freedom being taken away
because you aren't allowed the biggest toys for your play
You claim it's for defense against evil men
But the statistics prove you’re more likely to kill a friend

You claim Obama’s a fascist for insisting guns aren't safe
But you ignore the fact that he’s still taking your other rights away
The right to not be spied on by the CIA

You claim you need your guns to protect your precious freedom
But if the government wanted to take it they wouldn’t even need 'em
They got tanks and bombs and crazy sonic cannons
You think any guns are gonna protect you from them?

You live in fear and paranoia about something insignificant
But turn a blind eye to the real predicament
Since 2001 we’ve been living in a police state
You don’t notice it because you’re favorite show starts at 8

And all the news and the loud mouthed radio hosts
Don’t draw attention to the things that threaten the most
This week in our nation our supposed liberal leader
Is appointing an advocate of torture as the CIA's director

And all the real criminals the heads of the banks
who committed fraud, plundered and pillaged our safes
Are walking around just as free as can be
While they’ve locked up the whistle blowing heroes
And thrown away the key

If you need your guns to help you feel safe
You live in an illusion perpetuated by the NRA
If you want to protect your constitutional rights
How bout making the NDA the focus of your fight?

Until the Patriot Act is abolished this nation isn’t truly free
So don’t complain that banning WMDs is against democracy
Yes I called your assault rifle a weapon of mass destruction
You can kill 100 people without even buggin'

A tool for mass murder is not self defense
Defending your home is just a pretense
If you ever fired it at a home invader
You’d discover it’s better as a home eliminator

And all the bullets that pass through
are more likely to hit your neighbors than save you

The only real defense against tyranny
Is to all stand together as a peaceful community
To finally say we’ve had enough fear and hate
To remove the bars and unlock the gates

The way to security and peace
Is by loving thy neighbor and turning thy cheek
Just like the man said who came from Galilee
I would do unto my brother as I’d have him do unto me

Copyright 2013 Lev Strider all rights reserved