Hi there friends, Sky Nelson here, wondering if anyone would be interested in hosting my workshop "Coincidence: the Physics of Unexpected Opportunities". I like to have a fairly small gathering, and a private home can be the nicest intimate setting. Maybe 10-25 people? We discuss a connection between synchronicity and physics, and also try to connect with our own personal experiences of synchronicity, and reflect on how to make better use of them in our lives.

The Physics of Unexpected Opportunities
Sky Nelson
Curious about the intersection of science and spirituality? Enjoy an inspiring evening of left brain/right brain stimulation with Sky Nelson, songwriter and speaker on the subject of physics and synchronicity. Sky will share his unique work on the nature of meaningful coincidences using a model that you will be able to connect to your life. If you are curious about quantum mechanics, synchronicity, spirituality and the role of consciousness in determining our destiny, you will leave with some new insights and inspirations as to how they are connected as well as enjoy Sky’s moving and uplifting original music. Be prepared as well to explore some of your own experiences of synchronicity through a new lens.

Feel free to email me through my website (www.skynelson.com)

Thanks and blessings to all of you!