Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read this and possibly help me out. I just got into town about a week ago,
I have been actively seeking a room for rent around $500 a month (what I can afford) and a job or two. Being that it is a small town, so far there hasn't been much to choose from in the way of rentals, but I have a few possible options. I also have some leads on jobs. However, I can really use a warm temporary place to stay (I am HAPPY to sleep on the floor & to have a warm place to be at night). My experience with couchsurfing.com is that it takes a long time for hosts to get back to you. I cannot afford hotels as I just got here and am trying to get situated. I literally know only 1 person here, & while he has been sweet & helpful (I crashed at his place a few times) I don't want to impose. I have an RV & have actually slept in it a few times- but it has been frigid- & I definately don't want to do that again. I just know this town has room in its heart for me & that it will all fall into place effortlessly.

I am more than happy to help out around the house, clean, take out trash, babysit or nannying (I used to be an excellent Nanny), petsit, watch children, help with organizing (really good at it!) & I have a lot of love to give... for any kind help during this transition time.

A little about me: I have been living at a meditation retreat center for most of the year in the mountains. I have been living a simple life all year, not working for money- just living there, helping out, being mindful of my practice and being a part of an amazing sangha. Recently, I have decided to leave to save money & take care of bills. I am a big beleiver in karma- so I do the best of my ability to live with awareness of embodying the values of honesty in every way, generosity, compassion, really considering how my actions affect others, really try to be sensitive to other's capabilities & needs and how I can help . I am generally quiet, really into meditation, yoga & art (and playfulness& silliness when the moment calls for it). I am in my 30s, am sober except for a little wine once in a while & a non smoker. I would love to teach yoga in the area, I also offer detoxifying essential oil treatments (Raindrop Therapy Treatments with 9 different organic therapuetic grade oils), assist others with healthy eating (including raw foods/green smoothies/cleanses), & I also make organic raw vegan chocolate (shipped in packages or catering for events)... Thank you in advance for any warm hospitality you can offer- seeking asap- really excited to meet new people in town you can reach me at 530-263-1983 - a text message sent with contact info is maybe best at first- I need to be conservative with my minutes & dont want to use them all up checking lots of messages.

Much Love & Blessings, Naya