The Deeksha Oneness Blessing Process is ecumenical, inclusive... connecting in deeper personal ways the sense of Source/Divine/God/Goddess within each of us to Cosmic Source. This process, known as Deeksha (sanskrit for 'Blessing' or 'Benediction') involves hands on head light touch by trained Givers multiple times in the evening. Preceded by toning, crystal bowls, and breathing practices, this weekly event is now offered in Nadia Al-Sammarrie's lovely home temple in Woodacre.

For those interested in experiencing this free by donation event, call Paul Ramana Das Silbey (RD) for directions or more information.

Email: [email protected], 415-596-9956 phone. All are welcome, as well as bringing sweets to share! Facilitated by RD, a certified Oneness Deeksha Trainer TiCT, Marilena Silbey OBG, and Nadia.