Here is part two of our discussion "What is Ifa?"
We will let Ifa explain what is Ifa...

Sacred Odu Ifa Ogbeate teaches us:
A pious Babalawo (or Iyanifa) is he who cast Ifa

And an honest person is he who consults Ifa
And holds the Ibo

He who reclines against the holy Palm tree
Such a person wil surely hear the voice of heavens
And relay to us offering benevolent and rewarding ebo
These were the Ifa declarations to Teterogbo
When they were in want of all ire in life
Ifa declared that they would have Ire in abundance
They were advised to offer ebo
They complied
Teterogbo is he who first marched the ground before we begin the practice of Awo
Pray, allow tete to march the ground
Awo is the owner of the Mother earth
Let Tete march the ground
Awo owns the mother earth

Ifa says that by consulting IFA, we can hear the voice of the heavens.

May Olodumare (GOD) guide us and guard us. Ase o

Babalawo Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode
Oyeku Ofun Temple
Santa Rosa, CA