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"Tomorrow Americans and Californians will decide not only on the next President and other elected officials, but also whether or not consumers should have the right to know what's in their food. Prop 37, the California Right to Know GMO Labeling initiative, is arguably the most important food policy fight of our lifetime.

The stakes are high for Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, and Big Food, who have spent $45 million to kill this measure.
And when the stakes are high, election integrity is at risk . . . especially when most of the nation's electronic voting machines and optical scanners that count our votes are owned and programmed by private corporations with partisan agendas.

You can help prevent stolen elections and protect the Prop 37 vote by joining our California volunteer network of citizen observers.

What you can do.
Under California law, citizens have the right to remain at their polling precinct, after the polls have closed for voting, until the vote tabulations - or "poll tapes" - have been posted on the wall or door. (Los Angeles county precincts, where votes are posted the next morning on the county website, are the only possible exception).

Read how to help be a citizen precinct observer:

If you want to be part of making sure our votes are counted accurately OR if you haven't been able to help with campaigns you care about, this would be a valuable opportunity!