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    Tilting toward tuesday

    Storms, run-off and collateral damage.
    On our way toward tilt on Tuesday, underneath national politics lies an awakening to our national state of health.
    The health of the nation is in decline. Yet we are a young nation. The health of our children is in decline, neurologically, digestively and developmentally. Our honey bees are in decline, neurologically, digestively and, yes, developmentally. Our soil is in decline, the quality of our air is in decline, the quality of water too. Our country seems feverish: rarely is one clear headed when feverish.
    A few days ago the bees were flying, busy busy girls, very good, no worries. Then came the first winter rain. Sky juice came down, steady, softening, persistent for about three days. Just right. Then the bees left. Gone.
    We opened the hive and pulled out frames of purplish wax-capped honey. It looked wrong somehow. It seemed hard, the wax, to me. Not pliable or soft, with no glow, no vibrancy here. Some honey dripped, yet everything about my body was slow to touch, cautious to taste. No healing honey here, this was clearly toxic.
    Bees are producing honey from nectar that is compromised with chemical signatures of toxins not intended to harm them. There are many toxins around we know that.
    Here in Sonoma county metals are dusted into the air frequently by airplanes no one really seems to know much about. Aluminum, barium, these kinds of glittering fragments in tiny particles fill our air. They make the sun seem more glaring. Our eyes hurt some days. I wonder what that does to Eagle, Vulture, Hawk and Owl? When rain comes after many months of dry, metal dancing sun beam days, that metal must fall to earth where of course it belongs, but inside, not on top, nor in our life restoring waters.
    The Bees left after the rains stopped. Probably the last straw for this colony who lived surrounded by non-toxic gardens and orchards. Even in the organic micro-system toxins seep in through run off, the post storm collateral damage we are all about to be shocked by.
    Proposition 37 in California is a demand to know about this collateral damage here and now and openly. It is a brave and possibly naive push for honesty in food labeling. We simply wish to know if there is GMO or GMO contamination (through cross pollination for example!) in any of our foods. We want honest labeling. Sounds good and right and straightforward. Yet the implications are enormous and the 'big guys' know it and so the stage is set. For what? For a display of the incredible extent of collateral damage from our recent indulgence in pharm industries.
    If Prop 37 wins, if it is then implemented, which is less likely, then bee keepers will have to have their honey tested along with all other food producers and will most likely find that their bees have been playing in fields and amongst meadows that have at least some trace of gmo 'contamination'. In fact your bees may be the ones that caused it! Wind also plays her part we know. Birds too. It all moves around through the air-born ones so easily.
    Bite by bite the toxicity of the food chain overloads a system. Primarily it is the gut that is compromised. In honey bees a wonderful recent study showed that the ability to do a wide variety of tasks in the hive was predicated on the number of healthy bacteria in the gut of the bee. Nectar from flowers is fermented in the bees gut to produce honey. The enzymes in the gut transform the nectar and then they regurgitate it into a comb cell. When the gut is lacking in health the honey is not so good, it probably has toxins in it, as does the gut. The bees gather pollen and nectar from flowers that may only have traces of toxins in them, yet after millions of visits to gather for the hive the bees is compromised, the honey becomes compromised, the young grubs cannot develop properly, the sense of overall health declines throughout the hive and eventually the bees leave because they prefer not to die inside their nest, they need to go feral. They will not survive.
    Our food chain has the same trajectory. The interdependence of our systems, especially as connected by wind and water, shows us the extent of our dilemma, not just the storm itself, but the run off, the collateral damage, to our children, to our bees, to our very present future.
    Rev. Skye Taylor
    Sebastopol, CA.
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