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    Peacetown Jonathan's Avatar
    Investigative Reporter

    Progressive Sebastopol Printable Voter Guide for 2012

    Progressive Sebastopol ( is a grassroots effort to advise electoral choices that benefit the highest good for our community, nation and planet. I am pleased to coordinate this small, volunteer group of Sebastopol-based citizens.

    Progressive Sebastopol is independent of any campaign, organization, corporation, or PAC.
    You can find a downloadable pdf here, or on our website

    We strongly endorse Robert Jabob and John Eder for City Council; an editorial below explains why.

    Comments as replies to this post are MOST WELCOME. Thank you!

    Progressive Sebastopol 2012 Voter Guide: Candidates

    United States President Barack Obama
    United States Senate Diane Feinstein
    U.S. Representative Jared Huffman
    State Assembly Michael Allen

    Sebastopol City Council Robert Jacob & John Eder

    This City Council race provides a critical opportunity to vote for two candidates who represent a truly local, green future for our unique city. In their experience as community and business leaders who actively opposed the unpopular CVS development at the crossroads of our community, Robert Jacob and John Eder argued articulately against the ill-advised overturning of our City’s Design Review Board.

    Through their actions on CVS and leaf blowers, opposing candidates Kathleen Shaffer and Kathy Austin have shown themselves to be unduly influenced by mega-corporations, developers, and large landowners, at the expense of Sebastopol’s citizens and ecology. Progressive Sebastopol believes that the vision that Robert Jacob and John Eder have for our city’s future is better suited for a thriving, locally sustainable economy.

    Palm Drive Hospital Board Karen Webb
    Marsha Sue Lustig
    Sandra Debella Bodley

    Statewide Ballot Measures

    YES Prop 30: Fund Schools (better than Prop 38)
    California public schools, have sunk to 47th in the nation in funding per student, and without this bill, things will get worse. Raises taxes on those making over $250K, and raises sales tax by 1/4 of 1%.
    More info:

    NO PROP 31: California Forward Initiative
    Allows counties to opt out of safety net programs and override environmental laws.
    More information: www.

    NO PROP 32: Special Exemptions Act
    Deceptive corporate initiative masquerading as campaign finance reform. Would increase the power of corporations and Super PACs and eliminate the voices of working people in California politics.
    More info:

    NO PROP 33: Mercury Insurance Initiative (again)
    Basically the same initiative that voters rejected in 2008. Allows car insurance companies to raise rates on good drivers, even if their gap in coverage was because they didn't own a car.
    More info:

    YES PROP 34: Replace the Death Penalty
    Replaces the racially and economically discriminatory death penalty with life imprisonment without possibility of parole. Saves the state tens of millions of dollars.
    More info:

    NO PROP 35: Increased Penalties for Human Trafficking
    Good intention, bad law. ACLU NorCal opposes it and San Francisco Bay Guardian notes, “Under this law, the adult child of a sex worker who was living in her house with her financial support could be tagged a trafficker — and could face a long prison term and a lifetime of being tagged as a sex offender.”
    More info:

    YES PROP 36: Three Strikes Reform
    Revises the state’s extreme three strikes law to impose life sentences ONLY when felony convictions are "serious or violent."
    More info:

    YES PROP 37: Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Modified Food
    Disregard the $40 million deceptive ad campaign by the world’s largest pesticide and junk food companies. This is a critical initiative for a consumer’s right to know what’s in our food. Requires clear labeling of food with GM ingredients and bans the use of the word “natural” for products containing GMO.
    More info:

    NO PROP 38: Tax to Fund Education
    We like funding schools but not taxing poor people more to do so. Prop 30 is a better law.

    YES PROP 39: Green Jobs Tax on Multi-state Businesses
    Closes unnecessary corporate tax loophole and raises $1 billion per year. Dedicates $550 million
    annually to fund energy efficiency and clean energy jobs in California.
    More info:

    YES PROP 40: State Senate Redistricting
    Approves into law the important redistricting work done by Citizens Redistricting Commission.

    Local Ballot Measures

    YES Measure K: West Sonoma County High School Districts
    Urgently needed to adequately fund our three West County high schools.

    YES Measure O: Sebastopol Union School Districts
    Provides stable funding the State can't take away, for programs, teachers, services, books etc. for the Sebastopol Union School District.

    YES Measure Y: City of Sebastopol Half-Cent Sales Tax Increase
    Necessary to maintain city services and parks and repair roads. Progressive Sebastopol will lobby to use a small part of this money for long overdue bike lanes for our city.
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    Jenny's Avatar

    Re: Progressive Sebastopol Printable Voter Guide for 2012

    Jonathan, how great of you for putting together this guide for everyone! With so much contradictory and confusing information out there, and since some of us are so busy we barely have time to eat, it's really nice to have someone lay the information out there for you. This is especially true for people like myself who are investing countless hours of time working on the one particular issue they care about. It almost seems impossible to take the time to worry about any of the other issues out there. But the others are important nonetheless!

    On that note, I urge everyone to look into Prop 37 For Your Right To Know If Your Food Has Been Genetically Engineered. As you can see, Progressive Source recommends voting YES, and I'm sure that many, if not most, of the people who read the voting guide would probably vote that way anyway, but it is CRUCIAL that everyone spreads the word to those they know who most probably will not be voting yes.

    I've just recently shown this video to several friends who were confused about the issue, and in my humble opinion, it is one of the very best in getting folks to really think about it. I'm proud to say it helped me convert a few!
    Last edited by Barry; 11-03-2012 at 04:49 PM.
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    Peacetown Jonathan's Avatar
    Investigative Reporter

    Re: Progressive Sebastopol Printable Voter Guide for 2012

    It feels to me as though the City Council race is going to be tight. Electing Robert Jacob and John Eder would make an enormous difference to the progressive, green future of Sebastopol. On behalf of our community, our children, and our ecology, I urge you to vote for them, and talk to your friends about doing the same.
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    Peacetown Jonathan's Avatar
    Investigative Reporter

    Re: Progressive Sebastopol Printable Voter Guide for 2012

    Sebastopol citizens can elect a Progressive City Council majority on Tuesday. Robert Jacob and John Eder would join Sarah Gurney and Michael Kyes as part of a local government that can help foster a local, truly sustainable community.

    If you want to help make this happen, please consider talking to just one friend or relative who is considering voting for another candidate, and ask them to vote for Jacob AND Eder for City Council.

    See you at the polls!
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