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    Ads on Wacco - Free Enterprise at work?

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    Re: Ads on Wacco - Free Enterprise at work?

    Quote Posted in reply to the post by patchen: View Post
    While browsing through posts on WaccoBB, I get...

    a blinking red banner ad with a hook that flashes Search Your Arrest Record,

    a display ad for Mitt Romney promising he will “repeal Obama-care”...

    I can block the servers spewing this crap...but I shouldn’t have to.
    I have started to display Google Ads in the discussion categories when viewed by guests and free members. I am still working on configuring them. I have tried to block the Romney ads and a few other offensive ads but that doesn't seem to have taken effect just yet. I've taken down the Google Ads until I can configure them correctly.

    Supporting members will continue to see our attractive home-grown Wacco ads from our sponsors. You can become a non-commercial supporting member and help do your share to support this site for just $2.50/month or $24/year by going here and scrolling down to the Basic Supporting Membership (Non-Commercial):

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