I am currently in the process of setting up Girls' Circle groups for pre-adolescent to adolescent girls. Issues addressed include body image, puberty, depression, friendship, diversity, and health as well as many others. For more info you can check out the Girl Circle website www.girlscircle.com to see what it is about. I am hoping to do this through the Sebastopol Community Center in the Fall and would be willing to do it in other areas if there is a need. The groups are separated by age and can have 6-10 girls per group. I am currently a high school counselor and see a huge need for girl's support groups. I have been trained in facilitation of these groups and I am really excited to get going. If there is enough interest, it might be possible to do a summer group. The group is eight weeks long and will meet once a week. The price would be $100 per girl, but no one will be turned away due to inability to pay (sliding scale might be possible). There might be small additional fees for projects or an end of session trip. Please email me back and give me your phone number if you are interested and we can talk about your needs. [email protected].

If you have already emailed me, please be patient. I am trying to generate more interest, as currently I do not have enough girls to start a group. Because of the different issues that come up for different stages of adolescence, I would have to have at least 6, 11-13 year olds and 6 older girls to start a group. I am also still looking for a place to hold a summer group (very small fee or free). If the summer group does not happen, look for me in the fall!