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    Iwure (Prayer) for Good Character

    Iwure (Prayer) for Good Character

    Inu-bibi lomo Ogun
    Edo-fufu lomo Ija
    Atetu, abiwa pele lomo Orunmila
    Inu-bibi omo ogun
    N ko fe o o ri nibi yii
    Edo-fufu omo ija
    N ko fe o o ri nibi yii
    Atetu, a biwa pele, omo Orunmila
    Iwo ni mo pe

    Anger is the child of Ogun
    Hot temper is the child of Ija
    Atetu, the owner of good character is Orunmila’s child
    Anger, the child of Ogun
    I do not want you here
    Hot temper, the child of Ija
    I do not need you here
    Atetu, the owner of good character, the child of Orunmila
    It is you i want here

    Awo Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode
    Oyeku Ofun Temple
    Santa Rosa, CA
    [email protected]

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