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    Seriously Now, Progressive TV News in Marin and Petaluma Channel 26 available online.

    This week's Seriously Now, is available on line at and will air on channel 26 on Sunday. The rest of the schedule is below.

    The CMCM director was driving home and captured the footage of the Richmond fire for us. As we received updates from Seriously Now’s first anchor, Robin Carpenter, we were able to write the story as last minute addition to our show.

    We also have Richard Dillman, radio wrangler from KWMR, at the "Night of Nights", courtesy of Richard Alejandro and Ed Dudkowski.

    Peggy's old mentor, John Bertucci from Petaluma Community Access sits for an interview about Sonoma's Fukushima Response and challenges Marin to start a similar organization. Petaluma Community Access will be airing the shows on Petaluma Channel 26 soon.

    This week:
    Seriously Now is a new weekly progressive television news program at the Community Media Center of Marin in San Rafael. Our role is to present news that isn't ordinarily available on major channels and is important for people making "real life" decisions in this volatile time. This week: Whale Protection in Shipping Lanes outside of Golden Gate, Richmond Refinery Fire, Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin interview with Amy Goodman, John Bertucci on Fukushima Response, Musty tasting water, Anti-fluorination petition, Marin Events, Night of Nights, Revival of Morse Code celebration.

    Seriously Now is an all-volunteer production.

    Peggy Day & Lori Greenleaf, Executive Producers, Seriously Now

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