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    Wacco in the news

    Fernald prepares for City Council race
    Sonoma West Times, David Abbott Reporter: Wednesday, August 1, 2012 2:12 pm

    Five candidates now in the running

    Colleen Fernald

    SEBASTOPOL — As November inches ever closer and deadlines to enter local elections looms, the Sebastopol City Council race gained another candidate recently, as Colleen Fernald once again threw her hat in the ring.
    Fernald filed her Candidate Intention Statement on July 18, becoming the 5th candidate to join the race. She has until Aug. 10 — Aug. 15 if Mayor Guy Wilson stands by his intention not to run for re-election — to complete her paperwork.

    The self-proclaimed “citizen lobbyist for a safe and greener world,” according to her website,, is “pro-choice and pro-life.”

    “I’m the rather vocal Peace Voyager on,” Fernald wrote in a recent e-mail. “The peace girl photo (she uses on the site) demonstrates how my peace is patriotic message has been at my core since I was a child.”...

    Here is the other content sent to the Sonoma West Times Reporter:

    Colleen Fernald


    Constitutional Candidate for PEACE!

    City Council 2012


    What do YOU want?

    What are
    your best top 5 issues:

    What's working?

    What's almost working; how can we fix it?

    What's not working; what policies, and ordinances should we improve, overhaul; or end?

    Will you require all candidates have an action plan, for these most important issues, in order to earn your vote? Help co-create the ideal platform; then we're all a step closer to getting it delivered.

    I'm here to Occupy Sebastopol City Council. To represent the 99%; from every demographic; no matter what: age, race, gender, income, romantic partner preference, religious views, or political party.

    This City; and the well being of its residents, businesses, and visitors; are at the heart of what really matters.

    I challenge us all, to build better bridges of cooperation, to further our mutual best interests being served. Respecting everyone's sovereign rights.

    I'm here to inject ideas for solutions around building our existing businesses, and attracting well suited new ones. To increase returns on investments for the City, and folks doing business here; so it flows more within our local economy.

    I'm the candidate this community has known for the last decade, as consistently inspiring ways to do this; without impeding on our fundamental need for: improving our traffic congestion challenges, decreasing our carbon footprint, and respecting our wonderful, much needed watersheds.

    I stand deeply rooted in protecting our natural resources, infrastructure, and habitat.

    Not only do I love Sebastopol, with all its charm, colorful scenery and characters; I love my country. Having run many times, for many offices, not to win – but to encourage a better outcome for the 99%.

    This time I'm running to win; so I can once again swear that Oath of Office, to protect and defend the Constitutions of the United States, and California.

    Upholding that, is the only way we can recover our: jobs, economy, quality of life, rights, health, and peace of mind.

    It's time this town ask for the City of Sebastopol to require the Federal Government redirect its resources away from unconstitutional wars of choice. Instead return funding for our: parks, schools, roads, water & sewer lines, public safety, all basic services, and advanced municipal opportunities, such as Solar Sebastopol, community choice municipal power, and potential partnerships with organizations such as the Small Business Development Center, etc.

    I'm the candidate who will adhere to the precautionary principal; respect Sebastopol's core values, and unique style. You can trust me to vote for issues which protect: our water, air, soil, and food quality, abundance; health; safety; and emergency preparedness.

    I vow to always seek the majority’s position. I pledge to never be a politician; just a representative. I stand with the 99%, and the City of Sebastopol's mutual best interest.

    Let's Occupy the Sebastopol City Council together!

    Colleen Fernald Candidate For PEACE! Sebastopol City Council

    cfernald at sonic dot net PO Box 3007 Santa Rosa, CA 95402

    Please including employer info with any contribution. Big thanks for supporting
    all candidates for PEACE!
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