All are cordially invited to participate this in a safe, nurturing Vibrational Healing & Planetary Medicine Circle
Release the illusion of personal struggles, relax into your highest vision, align with your Guardian Angels and attune to your Soul's DNA code with Master Astrologer Francis Xavier Caulfield.

GLOBAL AWAKENING ASTROLOGY SALON featuring an overview of the current transits and how you can benefit including:

Spiritual Awakening
Personal Transformation
Holistic Healing

"Within my body are all the sacred places in the world and the greatest pilgrimage I can make is within my own body." --Saraha, renowned Buddhist Saint

Enjoy Francis Xavier's exceptional, penetrating vocal toning woven with numerous meditative and shamanic sound instruments in a community circle. Awaken and activate your Light Body within your physical body and journey into the spirit world, for communion, guidance and healing.

*guests who will appreciate this great opportunity to feel, heal, clear and claim your personal power and passion
*water for hydration
*blanket/pad and pillow to lie on during the sound journey

Sunday July 22, 2012
5 - 7:30pm
70 Oak Ridge Street in San Rafael
$20 - $40 for value received and as financially able


"Francis is a mobile Tibetan Bell. His tones come from an awakened Kundalini space. I highly recommend his work." –Dr. Gabriel Cousens

"Not only was the event powerfully transforming, I found your sense of humor equally healing." -Janis D

"I've gained a new awareness on how to breathe fully and completely which has shifted my life's direction dramatically." -James B

Please RSVP
Bobbie @ 415-412-1326 or Xavier @ 970-769-1102 or email: [email protected]

Francis Xavier is a masterful Vibrational Healer, Bodyworker and a professional astrologer, combining traditional and modern western traditions for a uniquely insightful and comprehensive consultation.
In professional practice since 1987, Xavier is also a life-long meditator and teacher of meditation since 1972.

"He is happy, who having learned the scheme of his nativity, and knowing his guardian angel, becomes liberated from Fate." Porphyry 233-304 CE

Receive clarity and encouragement for
Relationships * Finances * Career * Location * Health * Life Purpose

Call 970-769-1102 now to schedule your personalized, recorded astrology session! (sliding scale available)