Taste of Tantric Embrace
Friday, July 20 & Sunday, July 22

Pinklotuss Retreat

Inverness Park

7-9 pm (plus an hour of basking in bliss with yummy snacks, hot tub & the stars...)
$10 love donation
RVSP for directions

Embrace the fullness of life.
Embrace your mind - and its ability to know, to see through illusion.
Embrace your body - and its birthright to be alive and ecstatic!
Embrace your emotions - the energies of aliveness.
Embrace your sacred sexual energy - and its ability to heal, create,
transform and enlighten.
Embrace your humanness and your divinity.
Embrace your light and your darkness.
Embrace your playful self.
Embrace your true essence: A magnificent being of love.
Embrace all that you are - for you are all!