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    Legalize Sleep Campaign Petition - Please Circulate and Sign!

    Sonoma County and Santa Rosa are criminalizing poverty by arresting those who lack shelter. Neither the County nor the City have nearly enough beds, and those who are left to sleep outside can be arrested and have their personal belongings taken. The shelters provide some services, but a cot is not a home, and a shelter is not a solution. For the people who are homeless, it's hellish stuff.

    So, a small group of us, as part of Occupy Santa Rosa, and immodestly calling ourselves The Dorothy Day Working Group, are seeking to address some of the issues facing those without shelter. The homeless have borne the brunt of economic cutbacks for decades, and it only makes sense to make sure they are a central piece of economic reform.

    If you haven't already signed the petition, please sign now. And please, send this to other groups, your email list, and everyone whom you think will join with us in saying housing and sleep are basic rights, . Because those without shelter have no address, we are encouraging people to send the petitioneverywhere -- beyond Sonoma County, beyond California, beyond the US.

    Once you've signed at:

    you'll have a chance to contact people through your Facebook page, Twitter, or email people individually.
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