What Is Ifa?

One way we can understand the mysteries of Orisa is through their respective praise names. In the case of Orunmila, the prophet and custodian of the Ifa Oracle, there are several praise names. Below is a list of some of the ones we have been taught by our elders:

If Olkun, A sor day, Elrn-pin, Ibkej dmr.
The Diviner of the Sea, the one who makes affairs prosper, Witness to Creation, Second to the Creator.
rnmla ni Baba wa o e, wa k ni Oba mj, If to Oba o, rnml ni Baba wa, If to Oba o.
Spirit of Destiny is our Father, we have no other King, Ifa is sufficient to be our king. Spirit of Destiny is our Father. Ifa is competent enough to be king.
K m ka l, K m k m tt k, Aml If owdy.
Whom to know is to be saved, Whom to know is to live a long life The Savior of Ife from the early days.
Oknrin dd k gt, Olw mi m im tn, Olmmami ktbr.
The Black Man of Igeti Hill, the Chief who cannot be fully comprehended, The Chief Averter.
T npoj ik d, a k m tn iba se, a b m tn Iba se.
The charger of the determined day of death, not to have full knowledge of you is to fail, to have full knowledge of you is to be successful.
Onlgangan ajk, yn awo in ibg, Amiygn.
The first of the many houses that we praise, Chief diviner of the inner forest, powerful medicine of the earth.
Bara Petu, Baba kker k gt, rs t fi gbogbo ay fi oj orr s ptpt.
Father of Ipetu, the small man of Igeti, Spirit who has influence all over the World.
A bi ara lu b ajere, rs t ngb nkan le gn, Fgnw, oko yk.
He, whose body can be shifted into many forms, the Spirit who gives strength to the weak, the husband of Oyeku.
Olm nl, a bni m r, Baba s dr, r s t ngbani lw eni t n k nn.
The big breasted man who feeds all people without loosing weight, the Father of the Divine Messenger of Transformation, the Spirit who saves us from destruction.
Baba akr fi in se ogbn, ptn If, a fnni d.
Father of small stature who is filled with wisdom, the Great Historian of Ife, he who makes recreation possible.
dd t du or l mr k or l mr m b f.
Savior of the child of Emere.

A tn or eni t k sunwn se, fnrn w kan soso, aj ju ogn.
He who changes bad luck into good luck, the Great Mystical Thread of Creation, he who manifests more effectively than charms.
Ar worn n ibi t oj rere ti m w, Baba elpo pp m je dn.
The original man from the place where dawn breaks, Father and owner of the palm oil that has no need to eat black oil.
A y tr gbra snl m fi ara pa, a sr day.
The young one who falls without injury, he who transforms worry into happiness.
K a m k a l, Oba Ald Old Mrndnlgn.
To know Him is to find salvation, King of the Sixteen Principles of Creation.
run l mo eni ti y l.
Only Heaven know who will be saved.
Onl or k t nr fpin eye, say sOrun bn.
Owner of a large house that is high enough to see the limit of the flight of the birds, dweller of earth and Heaven.
A j pa ojo ik d, Baba mi gonnrgn, a t fi ara t b k.
He who wards off imminent death, my Father who we can lean on forever because He is as strong as a rock, He is the best person to spend time with.
gg a gb ay gn, agr Il l gbn, m m tn.
Light that stabilizes life, Chief of the town of Wisdom, He cannot be fully defined.
Omo d baba t ww ogn, jn et t m or ekn nsbo suuru suuru.
Father that wears a garment filled with charms, Ajana who sacrificed a lions head.
rs oko j, Oljombn a r ap eran s ogun, ase y t sro se.
Husband of the Mothers, the Chief who conquers with the medicine of a goat, He who can perform the most difficult task.
d Olj orbojo, Oba a tun omo d b wu, kunrin a t eyn erin n fifon.
Most respected Black King, King who creates without effort, the powerful man who creates music on the tusk of an elephant.
Ik Ajliy ik Ajl run.
Chief Messenger, the link between the King of the Earth and the King of the Realm of the Ancestors.
ktbr, a pa oj iku d.
The Great Changer who alters the time of death.
Irj Olodumare.
The prime minister of the Creator.
Altunse aiy.
The one who whose function it is to set the world right.
The Being whom Death honours.
Oba Olofa asn lOla.
The ruler who draws blessings and prosperity after him and who sleeps in the midst of honours.
Laughing comes back to the world from the Realm of the Ancestors.
Being who fills humanity with joy.
Olubesan Olu li ibi esan.
The Chief Avenger of Wrongs.
El omo Oygyg Ota Omi Ela.
Child of a very hard Stone that is not affected by a cold stream of water.
l omo Oygyg Ota aiku Ela.
Child of a mighty immovable rock that shall never die.
Ototo nyn.
The Perfect One.
Olwa mi agr ilgbn.
The Chief of Perfect Wisdom.
Omo ti abi lktase.
The child born on the hill of Itase.
Omo ejo mj.
Child of two serpents.
Akr fin Sogbn.
Small person with a mind full of wisdom.
Akni lrn b yekan eni.
He who gives one wise and brotherly counsel like ones relatives.
Okukuru k gt.
The small man of Igeti Hill.
Bara gbonnrgn.
Chief of the sacred coconut palm.
Speaker of all languages.
He who sits in honour.
Olwa mi mimtn.
King who knows all.
Ik dd tw, r jepo m pon, ro a b ik jgb.
Black death of the palm, the Mystic who eats lots of palm oil and does not turn red, the Mystic who wrestles with death.
run l mo eni t y l.
Only Heaven knows who will be saved.
A seay serun.
One who lives on earth and lives in heaven.
Dndnk, obinrin o fidi han ni kso.
The robust, virile one who does not refuse a womans advances.
El pn, aj ju gn.
One who is the witness of all destiny, one who is more effective than medicine.
rnmil! If Olokun, Asorandayo.
Spirit of Destiny, the owner of the sea, who turns misfortune into joy.

Olrr ik, j jogn.
One who saves people from death, one more effective than medicine.
Iwo lalwy o.
Its you who can give life to people.
B mi wo omo tmi y o.
Spirit who gives life to my children.
Aji pa oj iku d.
One who wakes up and changes the day of death.

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