“Even a great life delivers its share of hurt feelings, moments of disrespect and experiences of who we are being profoundly dishonored. Unfortunately, these injuries create ‘black holes’ of insatiable needs and endless proving. They literally hijack our lives. Fortunately, it takes only a few minutes to reclaim them!” -Alison Armstrong

Are you among the walking wounded? Most of us are in some way. Here's how to tell...
  • You say, “I'm this way because...” and fill in something bad that happened to you.
  • You think you have ‘issues’ because of something said or done in past relationships.
  • There are things you've worked on for years and they never get any better.
Amazingly, life in this state can begin to feel normal. Hoping for more seems foolish, selfish, a waste of time, and the message the world give us is “Suck it up!” or “Walk it off!”

But what if you could be returned to life as a natural, unfolding expression of your essence, your beauty and your genius? And what if that could be accomplished through a simple process?

In Healing Your Heart, Restoring Your Honor Alison Armstrong will show the way back to the vibrant experience of life that is your birthright. You will:
  • Learn the skill of Noble Healing for the freedom of yourself and others.
  • Experience both healing and being healed during the teleclass.
  • Discover your own strength and resilience -- the power of your will can overcome any inquiry with Noble Healing.
Thursdays, June 21, 28 and July 5 & 12, 2012
6:30-7:30pm Pacific/9:30-10:30pm Eastern
We offer two options for participation for this teleclass:

  • Participation $95: For those who wish to participate in the live teleclass sessions, receive the full benefit of healing and being healed, asking questions and interacting with Alison and other participants. Includes downloadable recording of all sessions.
  • Information Only $49: For those who simply wish to listen to the recorded information. This option includes access to the downloadable recordings only.
Both options are available here:
Join Alison for Healing Your Heart, Restoring Your Honor and discover the secret to a life of love and freedom in every moment!

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I took this workshop and recommend it highly. It is surprisingly simple and powerful. If at all possible, choose the live option. Alternately, if you sign up for the recorded version, make sure you do it in tandem with someone else. Have someone to partner with for practice...it's the only way to experience the powerful healing. And then your personal noble qualities replace the void of pain. Amazing!