The Santa Rosa branch and Sonoma Co. Courts ignored all of our information and complaints about this real estate scam artist and his partners.This guy and his wife ,Claire Geber,and friend,Andrea lawrence,have been laundering money using our farm and home located at ;1414Freestone Flat Rd., Freestone ,Ca. for many years.They bought the property illegally from a predatorty lender,Martin Gavriloff.Gavriloff needs to be the next one of their business partners to be stopped and put behind bars,along with his lawyer who lies and has been covering up for him for many years here in Sonoma Co. and elsewhere.Sonoma Co. courts have wrongly protected these crooks for too long. We learned from ktvu ch. 2 news yesterday,June 8th 2012 that the S.F. branch of the F.B.I. arrested Keith Slipper for bid-rigging at real estate auctions in the bay area.Facts are he's been doing it in Sonoma Co. as well.I have filed another complaint w/the S.F. F.B.I. My family and I need justice to really be served all the way now. We need a serious and compentant lawyer to assist us in a settlement .The door is open now ,the feds are proving this person is a crook and locked him up.Most of the work is already done.The Sonoma Co. D.A. needs to look at my complaints sent to her more seriously and also help.Keith Slipper was not working alone here and my son and I need, and demand the title of our farm back in our names as soon as possible or,at least be compensated for our losses,our home,loss of business all this time,loss of our wonderful Morgan horses,and the devastation of being homeless .Anyone who can help us PLEASE do so.Thankyou F.B.I. of San Francisco,Good job,still more needs to be done!