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    Long-term temporary home needed for awesome cat!

    I'm looking for a temporary home for my cat, Ada. She just might be the best cat ever.

    Iíve just started an internship here in Occidental that lasts until mid-December, and I canít have any pets at my new place. Sheís currently staying with my former roommate in Big Sur, but Iíd love to find someone local to take care of her so I can visit her more often.

    She's very independent, but also loves people and is usually very comfortable with strangers. As for other animals, a household without cats is preferred, but cat-friendly dogs could be okay. I donít know how she is with other kinds of creatures.

    I will happily pay for all of her supplies and anything else cat-related that comes up. If you feel you need additional compensation, letís talk. I canít afford to pay a lot (unpaid internship = little disposable income), but Iím very open to trade services Ė I especially love to cook and sew.
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