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    The "LIST" is now available from TRUTH ABOUT PET

    I just got the link from Susan:

    Pet owners need to know which foods are SAFE, because they're are a lot that aren't, and vets are susceptible to marketing ploys, just like doctors. Don't assume that your vet knows what's best, even if they recommend a food that has a very "scientific sounding" label or one that you trust because it's been around a long time. Companies are sold, formulas are changed, and your pets become the victims. Just because it's not made in China doesn't mean it's safe.

    The latest marketing gimmick is called "Therapeutic" nutritional pet food. Don't buy into it, without doing your research, or reading Susan Thixton's. Her life is dedicated to researching pet food. She's a true crusader for us, and our beloved pets.

    If you're serious about the "Occupy" movement, this is a big component....where you spend your money!
    Being informed does take research and time, but Susan's done it all for us.

    The pet food you're buying may be taking the life of your beloved companions, like a poison. Sometimes you or your vet may not see the connection. Symptoms can occur quickly, or over time.

    We all are aware of the old saying "You are what you eat", and have become more conscious about what we put into our bodies. Don't our pets deserve the same?

    Her latest offering is "The LIst" which gives the names of pet foods that she's researched, and would feed her own precious animals. Get it, and share the word on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites you're connected to.

    By supporting her efforts, you show care and concern for your pets. She's in the FDA's face with ongoing questions for us. Let's back her up. Our pets are worth it!
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