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    Jacobi to challenge Carrillo for west county supervisor's seat Jacobi to challenge Carril

    Jacobi to challenge Carrillo for west county supervisor's seat

    Supervisor Efren Carrillo, right, and former Santa Rosa City Councilmember Veronica Jacobi.
    PD File

    Published: Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 3:54 p.m.
    Last Modified: Monday, February 27, 2012 at 7:20 a.m.

    Former Santa Rosa Councilwoman Veronica Jacobi plans to challenge Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo for his west county seat in June's election.

    Jacobi, 53, a mechanical engineer and energy management consultant, served a single four-year term on the City Council before being ousted in the 2010 election when a slate of pro-business candidates shifted the council majority.

    She ran unsuccessfully in 2004 and 2008 for the Board of Supervisors 3rd District seat, which includes central Santa Rosa and much of Rohnert Park.

    Several weeks ago, she moved into a Roseland-area home she bought in 2010, which put her into Carrillo's 5th Supervisorial District, which takes in most of the west county, including west Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, the Russian River corridor and the coast from Bodega Bay to Mendocino County.

    She said her move was motivated by her interest in challenging Carrillo, who was elected in 2008. Jacobi becomes Carrillo's only challenger so far in the contest, which has a March 9 filing deadline.

    Jacobi has taken out nominating papers and filed a form declaring her intent to run.

    A staunch supporter of environmental causes, Jacobi said she intends to take aim at Carrillo's voting record on land-use issues.

    Carrillo, 30, has backed several controversial projects, including a large Russian River gravel mine outside of Geyserville and the Dutra Materials asphalt plant south of Petaluma.

    Both projects have been tied up in lawsuits, part of a wave of legal challenges prompted by county decisions two years ago that led some advocates and constituents to question Carrillo's environmental values.

    “We need to protect the beauty that we have here and the quality of life we have here,” Jacobi said Friday. “I think the things he is pursuing, some of them will hurt us in the long term.”

    Carrillo said he welcomed the competition and the opportunity to defend his record, including votes and work on environmental issues. He has framed his most controversial land-use decisions as votes in favor of economic development and job creation.

    “We have a vast diversity of needs in the 5th District, including environmental protection and economic development,” he said. “I believe I balance those well.”

    In the other county races this year, the contest for retiring Supervisor Valerie Brown's 1st District seat has produced a crowded field of six candidates. The district includes eastern Santa Rosa and the Sonoma Valley

    Supervisor Shirlee Zane faces no challengers in her bid for re-election in the 3rd District.

    In campaign finance reports this month, Carrillo showed $101,748 in the bank, a formidable amount in any county race. Jacobi acknowledged she long has struggled in fundraising, relying largely on personal donations to finance past campaigns.

    Carrillo's near-constant presence at community events and ties to a variety of causes give him another edge in the race, said Mike Reilly, his predecessor in the 5th District office.

    “Efren has worked the district really hard in the last three years,” Reilly said. “If Veronica decides to take him on, it's going to be a long shot.”

    Reilly, a longtime member of the state Coastal Commission and ally of environmental groups, retired at the end of 2008 after 12 years on the county board.

    The same year, Carrillo, a government relations manager for Redwood Credit Union, claimed the seat in a close victory over Rue Furch, a veteran county planning commissioner.

    The outcome was seen as a loss by many environmental advocates. Stretching back to the 1980s, the west county seat has been held by powerful environmental advocates, including Reilly, Eric Koenigshofer and Ernie Carpenter.

    Carrillo's candidacy drew on support from business interests, developers and construction companies.

    In office, however, Carrillo has sought to reinforce his commitment to a broader slate of issues, including environmental causes. He cited his support for a large county purchase of open space on the Jenner Headlands, his backing of a proposed bid to form a county power agency — a move that could boost green energy development — and his leadership on a fisheries restoration grant program.

    “The record speaks for itself,” he said. “I believe I'm just as strong of an environmental advocate as most folks in this county.”

    Still, Carrillo's vote for the Dutra asphalt plant continues to rankle some environmental leaders.

    They also are concerned about his possible support for Preservation Ranch, the forest-to-vineyard conversion project proposed on 20,000 acres outside of Annapolis. Carrillo has said he will not weigh in on the project until it comes before the board, a step expected to come after the June election.

    The uncertainty has led some to push quietly for his ouster.

    Jacobi said she was approached by several individuals about running for the seat this year. She declined to say who she had talked with but noted she was seeking the endorsement of Sonoma County Conservation Action, the largest local environmental group, and the local chapter of the Sierra Club.

    The groups interviewed Jacobi for an endorsement last week.

    Dennis Rosatti, Conservation Action's executive director, said the groups were set to discuss their decision this week.

    He said he had yet to hear back from Carrillo about a questionnaire. He called the supervisor's leadership “a mixed bag.”

    Jacobi said her focus as a supervisor would be on small business development, increased investment in renewable energy and a more cautious approach to projects and practices involving resource extraction.

    She said she opposes Preservation Ranch as currently proposed.

    “We absolutely need to get the economy more resilient,” she said. “But it needs to be balanced. When you do resource extraction there are environmental consequences.”

    She brushed off speculation about her long odds in the race.

    “I'm in it to win,” she said. “I know it's a difficult race. But difficulty doesn't stop me.”

    You can reach Staff Writer Brett Wilkison at 521-5295 or [email protected].
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    Re: Jacobi to challenge Carrillo for west county supervisor's seat Jacobi to challenge Car

    Hmm, I wonder if she's looking for a campaign volunteer. Anyone who would make Efren "F*** the Environment" Carrillo a one-term bad experiment would hopefully work for the constituents...
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    "Mad" Miles

    Re: Jacobi to challenge Carrillo for west county supervisor's seat Jacobi to challenge Car

    I know Veronica. She's great and did an excellent job on the Santa Rosa City Council until the "back room boys" did a deal with the Emergency Responders unions ("support us and we'll make sure future pension and bennie cuts for City workers don't affect you guys", a transparent form of election tampering which they were able to slip by the FPPC. Worked like a charm.) and flushed her out of office. As their deep pockets development and financial capital supporters so ardently wanted.

    She will do a great job as County Supervisor. Electing her will go a long way towards rebalancing the Board, right now it is pretty much owned by the same interests I mentioned in the above parenthesis.

    Yay Jacobi!!!! Thank you for stepping up!!!!!

    It will be a hard fight. We need to win it.

    If Carrillo's votes on Dutra and the rest don't give us the clue we need to know where he stands, nothing else will. He has solid support in his own constituency. Local young man made good. That is no small thing and I have nothing personal against him. Other than the fact he talked one talk while running for office, and the opposite when it came to most of his environmental votes.

    After the campaign of lies and alarmism run by Rabbit and McGuire
    the Board balance went even farther to the right. (Remember the last minute mailer from an "independent" supporter group who slimed Torliatt with lies about her support for "Illegal Immigration"? A mailer timed perfectly so any response would be too late?)

    If we can get Jacobi in and Carrillo out, it will be a big step towards representation for everyone, not just those at the top.

    Because they know that, expect a very dirty and hard fought race. They've owned the Sups for most of the history of Sonoma County, they're not about to let that go. That's why Efren was/is their poster guy, they could sell him as down, while knowing who he would back in a clinch.

    Veronica Jacobi is the real deal. She walks her talk. This is very good news indeed!!

    Jacobi for Sup!!! Solomon for Rep!!!!

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    Re: Jacobi to challenge Carrillo for west county supervisor's seat Jacobi to challenge Car

    Hey Waccos,

    I have found most of what Miles says to be very true. Also, I have much more to add; please consider reading this through so you get how much the long, and short term consequences of elected officials affect our quality of life; and how we can better manage the risks and outcomes.

    I am SO GLAD Roni is running, and I trust her to make good choices for the West County. She is going to need lots of help; so please check in with her to find out what you can do.

    I spend most Tuesdays with the Board of Supervisors; something I've been doing for 9 years, primarily to get them to pass a resolution to end unconstitutional war, so they can stop making cuts to the budget each year.

    (Memo to any conservatives here, the fat, and most of the meat has been trimmed; any more and your property values will fall further, by the lack of basic services.

    If you've read my posts, you'd know I'm an omni-partisan, ultra progressive. That is, I look for what's working regardless of which party represents it. As a candidate for
    UNITED States Senate, with deceit and dysfunction ruling Washington; this is key.

    Our country is vulnerable; so unique approaches are needed. The moral of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" has been lost on politicians; and as we all know, graft has become the norm, not exception.

    Having said that, this may surprise you. I like both Mike McGuire and David Rabbit. Also Rabbit's Aide Andrea is super.

    No they don't vote like someone with West County values would; they are representing
    their districts closer to the values of the majorities there. How do I know? 30 years of living here, with time in each district; and selling advertising to small business owners across the county.

    Both of these supervisors have taken the time to have meetings with me, and are friendly with me in public. I feel a mutual respect, even if we are on very different sides of an issue.

    SO glad to see Brown go; VERY disappointed in Zane personally and professionally; and she's the very one I ought to be the most closely aligned with. I wish she had a challenger. (It's not too late to file - tell your friends.)

    I have more respect for those who are honest and open, even if they have a different position; than someone who pretends, and primarily serve masters working against the majority's best interest.

    To get different results than what we've been getting takes lots of work. It means tracking the Supervisors agenda, getting the word out to the public in all districts in advance of their voting on the issues. Then doing all you can to let all the Supervisors & their staff know what you think is best.

    It was rather disappointing to see Mike Reilly; knowing how well he knows what West County values are; standing with Carillo. This is an area where we can act to counter balance the spell they are under; use your existing relationships and forge new ones, to get more voices to speak up often. Even if Veronica wins, it would not do a lot of good if she were the lone sensible vote as, Reilly often was.

    Here's the agenda for 2/28/12

    Item #21)
    Reappoint Bob Anderson to the Agricultural Preservation & Open Space District Fiscal Oversight Commission for a two-year term, effective February 28, 2012 through February 27, 2014. (Fourth District)

    This agenda item is the prime reason for the rampant wine grape assault here. As the wine industry's longtime Lobbyist, Anderson has too much sway with this County, the state and Washington. This is one of several positions which enables this; he was also on the Water Quality Control Board; and I think is moving in for a position on the State Water Board.

    It was through positions like this, that wine grapes became assessed as the highest and best use of land here. Which is why the Supes have given the industry nearly free reign. Kind of like Cheney and his dirty power cronies writing our energy policies.

    Please note, I am not against the good steward growers, such as the list CAFF has created. This is an issue of food and water security; the loss of endangered species because of and money buying influence; and careless choices by everyone - sometimes, or often.

    The good stewards wineries list is on my post to this thread:

    Influencing Supervisors and Lobbyist can have long term affects for better or worse. Here's another example.

    Former 4th district Supervisor, Paul Kelley, continues to literally carry the water for big wine biz. He went into the BOS as a Teacher, and now he's a Lobbyist.

    Funny thing about his website; he touts being an "experienced leader in the areas of water, transportation, agriculture, business, development, representation, technology and renewable energy"; and yet he was the lone vote against the historic climate protection agreement the County signed on to.

    From his website:

    Paul’s leadership in a biological assessment – resulted in a Russian River Biological opinion for Salmon and Steelhead. Paul also helped lead the effort to create the Pacific Coastal Salmon recovery initiative resulting in almost $1 Billion on the west coast and $100 million for fisheries enhancement projects in California over the past 10 years.

    Paul led in the effort to create the North Coast Integrated Regional Water management plan, becoming the number one ranked in California and receiving millions for planning and projects on the North Coast.

    Paul’s leadership in water has been recognized by becoming President of the Association of California Water Agencies, a statewide association of 430 members leading California policy to a sustainable and co-equal goals water future. Paul also serves on the California Water Commission.

    First of all, the Biological Opinion work was not a choice; it was a mandate by the State and Federal agencies, due to the near loss of 3 species of fish.

    What galls me about this is, the fish would not be in need of so much work and funding to restore them, if better land and water use had been crafted. Of course, not all his fault. Still he profited from choices which contributed to the degrading of the habitat; then he profits, and makes himself out to be the hero for saving them.

    I know, I was there; at the Board of Supes meetings, the Water Advisory Committee meetings, the countless meetings of many groups to protect the fishes habitat, and our water supply.

    As for the credit he takes for the North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP); it is doubtful that would have even happened, if it were not for the work I did as a concerned citizen regarding the Prop 50 water bond.

    Because I took the time and effort speak up at all those meeting; and then to drive to the Cal EPA in Sacramento, when the terms of dispersing those funds was getting put into place; the original plan was changed to reflect the most important priorities I presented – groundwater assessment & management, and regional cooperation.

    Also, I was the one who pushed the Graton CSD, (community folks run that after taking control from the Water Agency), to get in on the IRWMP. Not only was the Graton proposal one of the top point getters in the whole package; by setting the bar higher than ever before; Southern Cal did not get the lion's share of funds as usual. They had to go back to the drawing board and create better projects.

    BTW, it's not just Efren, but also his aide, Susan, who has done some rather nasty things to hurt the Graton CSD; which is where she's had a home, which had an illegal sewer hook-up.

    Track WAC here

    Here's a serious concern regarding agenda item #27
    Accept a status report on Dental Health in Sonoma County.

    Sounds benign right? Look closer and you will see how they want to spend money on putting a toxin in our water supply - fluoride.

    Remember, the American Dental Association is a lobbying biz for an industry; not your health. Most Doctors know how bad it is to ingest fluoride. Your bones, filtering organs and brain are impacted by it.

    We have to let the Board of Directors for the Water Agency, (which in case you may not know, are our Supervisors) - Fluoride is a byproduct of aluminum; we know the risks – keep it out of our bodies, don't waste precious tax dollars to pollute us with it.

    If you are too busy to keep up with water issues, consider being part of the Sonoma County Water Coalition. No time for that, just join their yahoogroup, and then phone, fax or e mail, or show up at the Board of Supervisors and City Council meetings, to speak up on important issues.

    The SCWC has useful info and guidance, but they also need your input; they are part of the weather modification deniers; (even though Santa Barbara recently publicly promoted its cloud seeding to protect the watershed).

    To their credit, the SCWC had a tech review meeting on the fluoride issue; search their yahoogroup for info. [email protected]

    In conclusion, please support Veronica, who will work to protect the 5th District's core values; and me, the one who wants to expand those throughout our beautiful state and country, by helping Feinstein see the value in retiring at 75 years old.

    You see in order to revitalize our economy, and restore our watersheds; we must end unconstitutional wars of choice. Something she has not done in all the years she could have. It's cost us too many lives, too much treasure.

    Just getting out of one occupation does not fix this failed foreign policy.

    And if Paul Kelly finds himself out of work as a Lobbyist, and wants to return to teaching; he needs to help me get elected; and get the Board of Supervisors to craft the resolution I've been working 9 years for; so Congress and the White House get it, and appropriate funds for books & Teachers, NOT more drones & bombs, etc., etc.

    Patriotically yours

    Colleen Fernald

    California's Constitutional Candidate for PEACE!
    UNITED States Senate 2012



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