Tantric Embrace

February 3-5
Weekend Retreat

Embrace the fullness of life.
Embrace your mind - and its ability to know, to see through illusion.
Embrace your body - and its birthright to be alive and ecstatic!
Embrace your emotions - the energies of aliveness.
Embrace your sacred sexual energy - and its ability to create, transform and enlighten.
Embrace your humanness and your divinity.
Embrace your light and your darkness.
Embrace your playful self.
Embrace your true essence: A magnificent being of love.
Embrace all that you are - for you are all!

You will learn to:
* Connect and communicate on a deeper level
*Access deeper levels of intimacy
* Master the Form - Reality Practice parts 1-2: A powerful tool of tranformation
*Experience your real self (beyond ego, being of love, light and infinite potential)
*Distinguish more clearly between your real self and self limiting patterns
*Implement practical ways of moving out of your patterns & living and acting upon the impulses of your real self
*Realize the sacredness your sexual energy, and its essential role in all aspects of your life
*Understand the true meaning of man & woman and their relationship dance
*Nurture your creativity and artistic expression

And commune with divine, relax and rejuvenate in a beautiful nature, hot tub & pool

Location: Pinklotuss Retreat, Inverness

Cost: $389/ $729 couples - tuition & food
$369/$699 Early Bird (by January 15)
Accomodation : Beautiful Abalone Inn

Indoor camping: $25 (limited capacity)

Love is sex energy transformed. Love is a flower. Make love (with all life!) and blossom.