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    Total surveillance: SMART grid, SMART homes, SMART healthcare and a camera on every corner

    Total surveillance: SMART grid, SMART homes, SMART healthcare and a camera on every corner

    November 5, 2011 by ppjg

    Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved
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    While many of us wondered why the Federal government and numerous federal corporations operating in fraud, portraying themselves as “public service”, were so insistent on dispensing with anything other than all digital, all the time, we have enough experience to know that the Federal government while possessing the capability to actually do something to benefit the public
    at large, rarely ever does. Good ideas quickly go bad as the policies, laws and regulations quickly convert to privileged deals, fictionally created science to facilitate global warming scams, economy killing agreements and special considerations for those extra-special campaign donors called, corporations, which the Supreme Court appears to be courting also.

    Because of long term planning and the stealth implementation of various aspects of most everything the Federal government engages in when attempting to invade privacy, violate civil rights or just plain trash the Constitution, the all digital system was sold to the American public as the best, most wonderful service possible for communications. Of course it required that analog services be rendered virtually inoperable and it made each of us vulnerable to ongoing and incessant surveillance of various kinds.

    SMART Grid and SMART Healthcare (grid)

    The assault on communities by unscrupulous and immoral utility manufacturers and suppliers as they install thousands of SMART meters against the wishes of residents across the country continues as another less known assault is taking place. Both the past and current administrations and congresses carefully constructed what will be a micro-managed system of in-home surveillance and personal monitoring to be used for data-mining, food control, healthcare rationing, population control and lethal force, if necessary.

    The SMART Grid system is dependent on internet technology (IT). A net metering/monitoring system not utilizing that technology was cumbersome and virtually impossible without converting to total digital networks. The same IT that is facilitating the SMART Grid utility meters is the same system that will give you the HEALTHCARE Smart grid which is planned to remotely track you through nanochips inserted in medications, vaccines, implantable medical devices and food. The intent appears to be the remote surveillance of any individual to determine levels of medication, diet, personal habits, heart rate, blood levels of various kinds and incidentally, your location. It is the perfect REAL ID.

    Plans are afoot to insert nanochips into high calorie, high fat foods (junk foods and drinks) and eventually all food products and water. The intent is to be able to monitor an individual’s intake of foods and to use this information in determining what kind of healthcare will be administered, or what kind of regulatory punishments will be administered.

    The Electronic Medical Records Act, EO # 13335,enacted by Executive Order by Bush 2 in 2003, was the initial act to begin the process of digitally recording private medical information that would be accessible by medical professionals, hospitals, insurance companies, and those companies who buy bundles of personal information on every person possible to sell to third, fourth and fifth party stakeholders. This is to be fully functional by 2014.

    If that date sounds familiar, it is the same year that Obamacare is to become fully operational. Both the Electronic Medical Records Act, and Obamacare are dependent on the gathering, storing and transfer and surveillance of private medical records on every person in the United States.

    One of the largest purchasers of highly personal and private information of any kind is of course, any or all of the 17 or more spy agencies who are focused on the American public. Secure records do not necessarily mean private records.
    The all digital system was necessary to facilitate the previous 2004 plans to begin SMART grid applications although the all–digital system did not become fully active until June 12, 2009.

    Here is our chronology:
    • 2003Bush2 enacts EO13335 electronic medical records to begin the data collection on all US citizens to be fully functional by 2014.

    • 2004—SMART Grid is in planning stages
    • 2005Security & Prosperity Partnership signed by Bush 2, calling for SMART grid to cover Canada, the US and Mexico.
    • 2005REAL ID signed into law. The system will rely on digital information data gathering, storage and sharing transmissions and is still being pushed by HSD.
    • 2005TSA Secure Flight imposed by HSD. Digital passports. Includes biometric markers, iris scans, finger prints and real time comparison through newly developing digital systems.
    • 2007–Smart Grid Title (Title XIII) of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 Title X111 is the SMART GRID surveillance plan.
    • 2008Economic Stabilization Act—-A Corporate funding bill to begin the full scale roll out of SMART meters and necessary digital technology. Also shifted tax liabilities from energy corporations to ratepayers (taxpayers).
    • 2008Stimulus Package—Billions more in corporate funding and subsidies for SMART meters and SMART technology/net metering/monitoring. Projected date for full implementation is 2012, or 2014 at the latest.
    • 2009—The conversion to all digital communications to facilitate the monitoring of all surveillance, communications, healthcare, personal identity, and surveillance programs and systems.
    • 2010Obamacare passes and is signed into law. A breach of the Constitution. Calls for RFID chips/nanotechnology to be inserted into implantable medical devices. Relies on HEALTH CARE SMART grid for collection, storage and dissemination of private health records to interested stakeholders. To be fully operational by 2014.
    • 2010—-S:510 The fake food safety bill passes with one unanimous vote by “Dirty Harry” Reid (D)NV. The bill calls for the eventual chipping and tracking of all livestock, domestic food shipments, packaging, and other material so that everything produced can be tracked from farm to fork with a heavy emphasis on targeting independent and family AG operations in order to render them unviable; the surveillance to be facilitated by a sector of the SMART grid digital system.
    This is by far, not all that has come out of CRAPital Hill concerning the attempts to track and identify, to harass and intimidate each one of us. But what is apparent in this short chronology is that every attempt is being made by Republicans and Democrats alike to establish a total surveillance society wherein the government controls what we eat, what we do in our homes and businesses, what kind of healthcare we can receive, where we go and what we do while we are there, all financial transactions, all travel information, and even the air we breathe; all tracked and recorded.

    The SMART Grid in all its incarnations is the embodiment of “big brother”: the total police state. With the planned test of the broadcast communications systems by FEMA on November 9th, a test that appears more centered on testing the capabilities of the government to halt all communications simultaneously rather than to ensure the system could remain operational in an emergency, we need to be cautious.

    The digital communications systems for SMART Grid, Smart meters, Smart Healthcare and all levels of surveillance are all tied into this same digital system that common communications are part of.

    John Boering may have been startlingly accurate in his observation that some final and vital piece of activating code could be installed at that time; a code which could bring the all-digital system into full operation and set the total surveillance society into motion. As this was explained to me by a friend who is an expert in IT applications, this wouldn’t require shutting down phones or the internet as the underlying broadcast signals programs are embedded in television and radio signals, now converted to digital technology and operating on the digital grid. Changes to phone and internet systems could happen totally unnoticed by the public as the underlying programming would silently activate with hardly a ripple.

    I don’t know about any of you, but I think one more phony terrorist threat, one more intentionally facilitated food “crisis”, one more piece of legislation which takes away our privacy, our freedom, our right to travel un-accosted by government agents, to live un-accosted by government, to live by self-determination, is one more than I can stand.

    What we are witnessing is the growing fear by those in government of the general population. As they know far better than we do the harm they have caused the country, the misery they have inflicted on millions as a result of corporate pandering, unbridled greed and the failure to defend and protect the nation from plunder and destruction as they handed the country over to the United Nations, to harmonization agreements, to unlawful free trade agreements, to central banks, to the World Health Organization, The World Trade Organization, multi-national corporations and other entities.

    We have no representation regardless of party affiliation and the time is coming soon where that will be made painfully obvious. At that time, those who have donned government uniforms and badges and traded their principles for paychecks, those who turned on the rest of the country and betrayed not only who we were but also what we were, might want to consider this:

    “I was just following orders”, is not an acceptable excuse.

    Liz's note: [If this is disturbing to you, then you might consider voting for Ron Paul who would repeal the Patriot Act and stand for none of this rolling out of the police state. Disenfranchised Democrats and Independents are changing their voter registration to Republican by the end of January 2012 in time to vote for Ron Paul in the California Republican primary on June 5th 2012.

    What's your priority in light of this and other advances in the corporate police state such as total control of the food supply, trying to pass legislation that allows for our military to be used against us on our soil, and for indefinite detention without trial?

    You might also consider supporting the County Sheriff program, which educates sheriffs of their power to turn their SWAT teams against any federal entity that would threaten our Constitutional rights. Imagine the FDA trying to raid a farmer and the Sheriff saying, not in my county. We don't have to wait for an election. We can have this right now.]

    All digital System

    Gov. Janet Napolitano has signed an executive order bringing together health care and high-tech leaders to focus on making electronic medical records common in Arizona by 2010, four years earlier than the federal goal.\

    John Boering

    S:510 Fake food safety bill


    Conversion to all digital

    Stimulus package 2008

    Title x111


    Security & Posperity Partnership

    EO # 13335

    nanotachnology:Tracking food from farm to fork
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