Breath, Love and Passion Part 1
Facilitated by Lori Grace Star, MA and Phil Willcher, MH, CHT

In this intermediate-level workshop

for couples
you will learn how to :

• Use your breath to expand your experience of your own passion. Learn how certain ways of moving can greatly contribute to this experience.

• Discover how breathing in certain ways can help you stay relaxed in high states of arousal and prolong arousal and pleasure for long periods of time.

• Discover how using your pelvic floor muscles can help you be much more at choice about when you orgasm or ejaculate and how fully you can surrender to that experience.

• Communicate more specifically the kind of touch that you want and understand what your partner wants without disrupting you and your partner’s mutually aroused states.

• Coordinate your breathing with your partner’s breathing so that both of you can enjoy a mutual experience of extended pleasure, intimacy and arousal.

• Experience together with your partner how you can expand the spiritual dimensions of your sexual connection by creating sacred space and by integrating ritual and meditation into your love-making.


Breath, movement and communication are the primary learning modalities of this workshop. You can learn what we are teaching with as much or as little clothes as you feel comfortable in. You are completely at choice about any exercises you choose to do or not do with your partner. You will be with your partner the whole day although some non-sexual sharing will occur in the group so that all of us can be enriched by one anothers experiences.

We wish to support you and your partner in your choice of how fully you both participate in this experience. We also ask that you and your partner be accepting of other couples and how they seek to learn the material as well.

Lori Grace Star, MA has been teaching Tantra and Sexual Energetics for twenty-three years. She is returning to the practice after having functioned primarily as an environmental and political activist for the last four years. She has an extensive background in Tantra, communication, bioenergetics, Reichian therapy, movement therapy and dance. She actively integrates Compassionate Communication (NVC) extensively into her teaching of Tantra. If you and your partner are wishing to grow in these particular ways, feel free to call Lori at 415-435-2583. She will talk with you and design a short course together to help you accomplish your goals. And if you are a woman seeking to enhance your experience of your own sexuality and your ability to communicate with a partner about your sexual needs, feel free to call me as well, and we'll talk about a program to help you expand in both of these areas.

Phil Willcher, MH,CHT is a gifted, certified hypnotherapist, N.L.P. practitioner and life coach. He is passionate about offering tools for self-empowerment so that people can learn to be more response-able; i.e., make better conscious choices to life situations, instead of being reactive to them, or feeling like a victim. Phil was one of the first Sylva Mind Control Instructors in the Sixties. Over the past thirty-five years, he has been been involved in human growth potential, Yoga, Martial Arts, and studying and teaching Tantra, Meditation, NVC (aka Compassionate Communication), and other models of communication.
Phil has a private practice in Marin County and is available for groups, couples and singles. For an appointment with Phil call 415-203-8277.
Breath, Love and Passion Part 1

Offered: Sunday, August 28
(Part 2 is scheduled for Saturday, September 17th)

Where: Corte Madera Office

Cost: $79 per couple, paid by 5 pm, Thurs. August 25; $99 Thereafter

Some work trades available.

Pre-Reg.: Required; 415-924-5483

Directions: Corte Madera Office
645 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera 94925