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    Helen Shane's Avatar
    Helen Shane

    Laguna Vista revisited

    Sebastopol Preservation Coalition

    City Council meeting Tuesday May 17

    Youth Annex 425 Morris St. Sebastopol

    A message from Jane Nielson:

    HI Folks--

    The proposal to build 145 houses and maybe some retail on the so-called Laguna Vista site along south Gravenstein Ave, at the end of Hazel Cotter Court and north of Corline Court, is being re-considered by the Sebastopol City Council.

    The agenda for the May 3rd City Council meeting scheduled a closed session on this issue, billed as a "Conference with Legal Counsel - Existing Litigation" and referenced as Schellinger Brothers vs City of Sebastopol et al Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9.

    I was pretty skeptical about this item being truly about existing litigation, since the Schellinger Brothers lost the suit in a State Appeals Court decision that flatly rejected all (or nearly all) their arguments, they have paid whatever fines and costs were assessed, and are back to re-start the process. I wrote a letter to this effect to several City Council members.

    I have just discovered that the closed session did not take place on May 3rd, but the Council will be discussing Kenyon Webster's proposal for issuing a Request for Proposals to update the EIR at the City Council meeting on May 17.

    Remember Laguna Vista? What's not to like???
    Only that it floods frequently, is crossed by a fault of unknown activity, contains a wetland, and an Endangered Wetland Species grows on it. The proposed development will add to traffic congestion on Hwy 116, and will require City Services, including water and sewer services.

    The proposed RFP has already been released to the public, and it has a lot of problems. The Community that still cares about the proposed Laguna Vista site needs to meet and start planning what the Council needs to hear from us on May 17.

    We have only a few days to get together and start this planning. The time we have includes the rest of this week, the coming weekend, and next Monday. Please let me know who is willing to come and start planning, and when you're available.

    ALSO please send this message to all lists of those who may be concerned and able (and willing) to speak at the May 17 City Council meeting.

    Jane E. Nielson, Ph.D.
    (707) 829-9393
    [email protected]

    If you wish to be added to the Sebastopol Preservation Coalition mailing list, send your info to [email protected]
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