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    More Fruits and Vegetables Unlikely to Protect Against Cancer, Study Suggests

    My guess is that fruits and veggies haven't been shown to protect against cancer because they are, in general, actually lower in nutrients than most animal foods. That's not to say that we should stop eating fruits and veggies - they provide flavor and variety, water-soluble vitamins, and various antioxidant nutrients. But the idea that there is scientific evidence that these foods protect against cancer is a myth.

    Emphasis is added.

    Laurel Blair, NTP


    ScienceDaily (Dec. 13, 2010) — There is no convincing evidence that eating more fruit and vegetables can reduce chances of developing cancer, although they are important for maintaining a healthy diet.

    That's the conclusion of a review by an Oxford University scientist that looked at a decade of evidence on the links between fruit and vegetables and the development of cancer.
    The study, published in the British Journal of Cancer, found that the only diet-related factors that definitely affect cancer risk are obesity and alcohol. Tobacco is still the single biggest cause of cancer.

    Professor Tim Key of the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at Oxford University says that while there are undoubted benefits in eating fruit and vegetables, there is little hard evidence that they protect against cancer. But the evidence is indisputable that cancer is strongly linked to being overweight or obese and drinking more alcohol than the recommended daily limits.
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