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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

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    Barry's Avatar
    Founder & Moderator

    Welcome Marin County Members! is now open for postings in Marin County!

    If you haven't done so already, please Register (free!) so we can begin to assemble the community and you can receive a daily digest of Marin County postings.

    As an early settler, please take the time to post something so when other folks from Marin County join there will be something for them to see. If your post is specific to Marin County, please post it only in the Marin County category. If it applies equally to Sonoma County as well, please post it in the appropriate Sonoma County category only. It is very important that there not be duplicate posts on the board. You can, however, post to one county and then 2 weeks later post to the other county. There will be additional support for multiple communities on as the site develops.

    You are welcome to post commercial postings for free, but I ask that you also post some type of non-commercial posting - such as selling a personal item, asking for a referral or advice, asking/offering a ride, any community information, etc.

    Please forward a link to this site to your friends!

    You can be an and help even more by volunteering to post/distribute flyers at events (dances, concerts, spiritual gatherings, etc.) and places (health food stores, yoga studios, Spirit Rock, etc.) where our community comes together. Please contact me and I will get a stack of flyers to you.

    With your help, can be the fabulous community resource for Marin County, like it is for Sonoma County!

    Barry Moderator
    Last edited by Barry; 12-13-2010 at 02:30 PM.
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    Re: Welcome Marin County Members!


    I commute to Marin every day, and I'm happy to see that you've added this for Marinites. I'll check it also as I go between the counties!

    Good job organizing the River trip too -- we are already busy this weekend or we'd be on a boat for sure . . .

    I've really enjoyed the WaccoBB social events,

    Thank you,
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