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    would you brush your teeth with yeast medicine?

    Yeast medicine in your cheese:

    While I understand mold can be a bit of a drag....

    I question the necessity and validity of serving tacos that you have to warn pregnant mothers about...
    this is billed as a "Natural" antifungal (Natural, now days, means drug companies use it for a drug, therefor it must be "Natural"!?

    PCI-95/50 Natamycin is made from streptomyces natalensis ( a bacteria)through deep fermenting and complicated extracting process. PCI-95/50 Natamycin product is usually made of 50% Natamycin mixed with lactose or glucose.

    This is drug companies taking over our lives


    Drug should not be given to Pediatrics, and Pregnant Mothers.
    If prescribing authority justifies the benefits of the drug against the possible damages he/she should reevaluate them and consult the reference material and previous studies.

    oh goodie,was four legs, now six...

    The pimaricin-inducing (PI) factor, produced by Streptomyces natalensis is a proposed pheromone with a peculiar vicinal diamine structure. The first synthesis of this molecule is reported. It features oxidative dimerization of an aci-nitro anion derived from tris(hydroxymethyl)nitromethane and disproportionation catalyst-facilitated hydrogenationof the resulting vicinal tertiary dinitro compound. As the synthesis requires only four steps with no chromatographic separations, it provides a convenient route to prepare PI factor for biological studies and industrial applications.

    Oh GOODY,then you say its completely NATURAL wow

    They are busy working on
    several genetic modifications of this bacterium, that could really set the molecules morphing
    we will not know the results,our grand children will..

    I "came out" against Hydrogenated oils 30 years ago

    NOW they say they are bad for you SO they hide some hydrogenation in a simple yeast infection medicine
    and put it in our food, what the heck? if you take it when you are sick, it MUST be good for you to take all the time.................................Nice logic

    Thanks anyway, but i'll take my food a little funky, scrape off some mold or THROW IT AWAY

    Some of you would prefer to experiment on your babies.......... then 20 years from now ....ooooh oops

    the drug companies that brought us Fluoride (toxic waste) are at it again. I guess with all the probiotics and yogurt around these days, enough girls are not getting yeast infections
    so some guy gets the brilliant Idea to put it in our tacos.. funny how the glint in some good scientists eyes looks like a dollar sign!..........

    If I understand what I 've HEARD our bodies have bacteria(Millions, AND Natural yeasts, and fungi living in them in a balance, they keep each other in "check" so to speak
    if we kill off one side the other gets out of hand.

    So again NO THANKS keep yr weird chemicals OUT of my food

    This idea,like anti-bacterial soaps,came from marketing ,and was reluctantly
    approved by health professionals.
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