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    How Will Carrillo Vote? Final Dutra Vote on Tues. 12/14

    Please support the preservation of Shollenberger Park, as well as the right of a town to refuse a toxic burden imposed by the county.

    "Shollenberger Park has 400 visitors a day. It's free. It's flat, and it is one of Petaluma's most precious assets. Shollenberger draws visitors from as far away as England for birding and from as close as our third-grade classrooms, where students use it as a living laboratory to learn about the environment."

    "Supervisors Shirlee Zane and Valerie Brown have serious concerns about the factory's negative impacts on the health of the citizens and about degradation of the scenic view corridor. In the straw vote a taken on Oct. 12, they voted against approving the Dutra project. Supervisors Mike Kerns and Paul Kelley voted to support the Dutra proposal. But Kerns and Kelly won't be around when Dutra fails to comply with the 160-plus county conditions intended to reduce some of the project's negative impacts.

    Only Supervisor Efren Carrillo will answer to the voters.

    Kerns and Kelly won't be around when citizens are not able to enjoy Shollenberger Park because of noxious fumes, excessive diesel exhaust and industrial noise, nor watch the rising asthma rate, the increased incidence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and allergies due to cumulative air pollution at Haystack Landing."

    Please email the Board of Supervisors and join us at the Tuesday 12/14 hearing.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    To ensure your comment is included in the public record, make this your subject line and include it in the body of the email:
    "Comments on the Dutra Asphalt Plant EIR, Revised Project II"

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