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    Valley Oak

    Scientific Proof Hathaway has "Divine" DNA

    Scientific Proof Hathaway has "Divine DNA"

    Scientists have confirmed that actress Anne Hathaway has "divine" DNA. Researchers at the Institute of DNA Studies in Baltimore, Maryland have confirmed a "non-strand" form of what would have been a normal DNA sequence in the human genome. Researchers at the institute stated that they have never seen anything like it and are dubbing this strange DNA as "Divine DNA."

    Scientists here, who are heading the study, are also speculating that this fundamentally different form of non-strand DNA could explain why Anne Hathaway is the most beautiful women in the entire history of the human race. Dr. Weidenbaum said, "Anne's seemingly inexplicable and unprecedented beauty could be described as being produced by non-human DNA, or even 'divine' DNA, as if she was related to the Goddess, Aphrodite."

    Scientific American:
    Got an Original Idea? Not Likely: Scientific American
    The Future of Man--How Will Evolution Change Humans?: Scientific American

    Further proof is provided in the image attached so that you can see the evidence for yourselves:
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